Prayer For Our Schools

Prayer for our schools is a powerful way to show our support for our schools, teachers, and students. It is a time for us to pause and pray for the wisdom, strength, and courage of the teachers who educate our children.

Everybody knows that prayer is a powerful force in our lives and it can work miracles in the world. We have created this prayer for schools so people can pray specifically for their own school maintenance and the safety of students, faculty, and staff. You will also find useful resources like “school prayers for assembly”, “prayer for our schools and for our teachers” and “short prayer for students and teachers”.

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Dear Lord, we come before you to pray for our schools.

We ask that you bless all of the teachers, staff, and students in our nation’s schools. We know that it is hard to be a teacher these days, but we know that you want them to succeed. We want them to succeed too! We need more teachers like those who have gone before us: teachers who are willing to share their lives with students and help them grow into successful adults.

We also ask that you will bless each student in our nation’s schools. May they all have what they need to learn and grow. May they all be safe from harm, both physical and emotional. May their families support them so that they can concentrate on learning instead of worrying about how they’ll get home or whether or not there will be food on the table when they get back from school each day.

We ask that you bring peace into this world through education—that all children might have access to education, no matter where they live or what their circumstances are like at home. And we ask that you bless America with leaders who care about education as much as we do (because right now we don’t have very many).

Dear Lord,

We pray for our schools. We pray that they will be safe havens for learning and growth, places where we can learn about the world and make it a better place. We pray that our school will be full of people who care about each other and support each other through the hard times.

We pray for our teachers, who have dedicated their lives to teaching us what they know—and who continue to learn new things every day. We pray that they will have every resource they need in order to help us grow into successful adults.

And we pray for our students: that we will be kind and respectful of one another; that we will work hard together; and that we will use what we learn to make our community better than it was before.

Dear Lord,

We pray for our schools. We pray that you would bless them with the wisdom to make good decisions, and the strength to follow through on those decisions. We pray that you would help us all learn from each other, and to be open-minded enough to consider new ideas. We pray that you would give our teachers patience and understanding so that they can better teach us about yourself and your love for us. Lord, we also pray for the students who come to our schools; we ask that you would help them feel safe and loved here, so that they can learn from their teachers in peace. We ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.

Dear God,

We pray for our schools. We ask that you protect the children who attend them and those who work there. We ask that you give them strength in the face of fear, and that you provide us with guidance in our efforts to protect them. We pray for the families of those affected by this tragedy, that they may find comfort in each other and their faith. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Dear Lord,

We come before you today to ask for your guidance and support. As we face the challenges of this world, we seek your guidance in our daily lives. We pray for all students, teachers, and staff at [school name].

Please give us the strength to face our problems with courage and faith. Let us focus on what is good instead of what is bad. Help us to be kind and loving towards each other and those around us. Help us to remember that we are all part of your creation.

Let me also ask for a special blessing for [teacher’s name] who has been teaching at [school name] for over 10 years now! Thank you for all you do for our children!

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