Who Walked On Water In The Bible

Who walked on water in the bible? Jesus did. He was a powerful individual that many faith stories show us as doing seemingly supernatural things and talking to God. The bible is filled with epic tales of things Jesus did while he lived on this Earth.

Following our previous post regarding miracles from the Bible we continue to bring you more information on miracles. Today we cover another miracle that took place in the Bible but this time using water. This miracle is in fact a story of a man who walked on water and the person who witnessed it. After the man had walked upon the body of water, he suddenly disappeared without a trace.

While the story of Jesus turning water into wine is certainly famous, there is another miracle that isn’t discussed as often. In fact, it can be quite surprising to find out that not all of our Savior’s apostles were willing to do whatever Jesus asked them to do.

You may know the story of Moses parting the red sea to save his followers or about Jesus’ walking on water in Matthew 14:22-33. But who else walked on water in the bible? And how can that help us?  Bestselling author, Amy Sullivan, poses a great question in her book Love Walked In: “Don’t you wish we could go back in time and have a chat with Jesus?”

Who Walked On Water In The Bible

After feeding the 5,000, Jesus Christ sent his disciples on ahead of him in a boat to cross the Sea of Galilee. Several hours later in the night, the disciples encountered a storm that frightened them. Then they witnessed Jesus walking toward them across the surface of the water, and their fear turned to terror because they believed they were seeing a ghost.  As recounted in Matthew verse 27, Jesus told them, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” (NIV)

Peter replied, “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water,” and Jesus invited Peter to do exactly that. Peter jumped out of the boat and began walking on the water toward Jesus, but the moment he took his eyes off of Jesus, Peter saw nothing but the wind and waves, and he started to sink.

Peter cried out to the Lord, and Jesus immediately reached out his hand to catch him. As Jesus and Peter climbed into the boat together, the storm ceased. After witnessing this miracle, the disciples worshiped Jesus, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.”

Lessons From the Story

For Christians, this story presents lessons for life that go beyond what meets the eye: 

  • Making room for God: Jesus sent the disciples away so that he could go alone to the mountainside and pray. Even with his busy schedule, Jesus made spending time with God a top priority. The story reminds Christians of the importance of setting aside room for God.
  • Recognizing the Lord: Even though the disciples had been with Jesus for a long time, they didn’t recognize him as he approached in the storm. The story reminds Christians that they may not recognize the Lord when he comes to them in the middle of their own personal storms.
  • Keeping focused on Jesus: Peter did not begin to sink until he started looking around at the wind and the waves. For Christians, the lesson is that when they take their eyes off of Jesus and focus on their difficult circumstances, they begin to sink under the weight of their problems. If we cry out to Jesus in faith, he will catch us by the hand and raise us above seemingly impossible surroundings.
  • Restoring faith after a lapse: When he left the boat, Peter started out with good intentions, but his faith faltered. Nevertheless, Peter’s leap of faith did not end in failure. Even in his fear, he cried out to the Lord, knowing that Jesus was the only one who could help him. Peter’s experience reminds Christians that a lapse of faith is merely a lapse and that the Lord is still there for believers when they call for him. 

Who Walked On Water In The Bible

We have learned a lot about Jesus over the past few weeks. First, we saw that the Jewish people waited hundreds of years for their King. Then, at long last, Jesus arrived. Jesus taught that the kingdom of God was very different than this world. Then we saw that Jesus had power over nature when He calmed the raging sea with just a word. We learned that Jesus has complete power over evil spirits, and Jesus alone has the authority to forgive sin. Last week we saw that Jesus had power over sickness & death, when He healed the woman with the bleeding disorder and raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead.

As news spread about Jesus, the miracle Worker, more and more people wanted to hear Him and see Him. It seemed that a crowd gathered wherever Jesus was. The gospels tell of one day when a crowd of 5,000 men, plus women and children, gathered to hear Jesus! (Matthew 14:21) That means there may have been 20,000 people who came to hear Jesus teach that day. And after listening to Jesus teach for hours, the crowd was getting hungry. Jesus took the lunch that a young boy gave Him (John 6:9). It was only two fish and five small loaves of bread, but Jesus broke that bread, and just kept breaking it. The disciples handed out enough bread and fish to feed everyone in the crowd until they were full. And there were twelve baskets of food left over! (Luke 9:17) The disciples were a part of this miracle, yet the Bible says they did not fully understand it (Mark 6:52). The Bible says their hearts were hard, or stubborn (Mark 6:52). They knew Jesus was special, but they did not yet realize that He was the Messiah, God in a human body (Matthew 14:33). They were not yet seeing with “kingdom eyes.” So, Jesus was about to do another miracle. This time the disciples would finally realize who Jesus really was.

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