Who Married A Prostitute In The Bible

Ezra married a prostitute (Ezra 9) and he was not alone. I have compiled a list of people in the bible who married prostitutes and their stories. One important thing to remember is the bible says a prostitute is a “harlot”. The word harlot was how many back then referred to prostitutes. But what does it mean for one woman to be a prostitute and another to be a “harlot”?

In the book of Genesis, Abraham and Sarah gave their Egyptian slave girl Hagar to their young son, Isaac. Isaac married her and had a son, Ishmael. The Bible says that Ishmael was “raised in the ways of the Lord,” but it doesn’t say that his mother was. So it’s possible she led him down a path different from the one God had chosen for him. But when did that path lead to her being a prostitute?

In the book of Genesis we read about a man named Abraham who God decided to bless. Abraham is considered the Father of both Judaism and Christianity. All people who call themselves Jews today, or Christians as well, are spiritual descendants of Abraham. We know from the Bible that Abraham married his half sister Sarah. Yet did you know that God also worked in Abraham’s life to change him for the better? It’s true!

Who married a prostitute in the Bible? That’s not a question you can answer in just a few words. There are a lot of Bible characters who married prostitutes but the purpose behind this article is to identify those who married prostitutes for love.

Who Married A Prostitute In The Bible

Many stories found in scripture are, for lack of a better word, really kind of strange. Because of that, much of the full narrative of scripture is intentionally avoided, unfairly criticized, and ignorantly misunderstood. And while there are admittedly lots of stories of our faith that make you want to scratch your head or pretend they’re not there, that doesn’t mean we cannot make sense of them. If all scripture is indeed God-breathed and useful, then even these puzzling and weird stories are for our ultimate good. Join us as we deliberately dive headfirst into the unusual and try to understand the bizarre of the Bible.

The Book of Hosea says that Hosea married a prostitute named Gomer at the Lord’s command (Hos 1:2-3). It is generally thought that Hosea’s relationship with Gomer was an image of God’s relationship with Israel, which often betrayed its spousal covenant with the one true God by worshipping the false gods of the pagans.

Who Married A Prostitute In The Bible

In Hosea 1:2 we read, “The LORD said to Hosea, ‘Go, take to yourself a wife of whoredom and have children of whoredom.’” Hosea obeyed, marrying a woman named Gomer, who was unfaithful to him. Why did God tell Hosea to marry a prostitute?

To begin with, it is important to realize this command could be understood two different ways. First, and more likely, this command could be one of anticipation. In other words, God may have instructed Hosea to marry a woman who would later become unfaithful to him. The other possibility is that the command was for Hosea to marry someone already known as a prostitute.

In either case, the reason for this unusual directive is specified in the latter half of the same verse: “For the land commits great whoredom by forsaking the LORD.” God wanted to provide an illustration of His relationship with the people of Israel, who had been unfaithful to Him by practicing idolatry. This theme is carried through the remainder of the prophecies in chapter 1 and the discussion of Israel’s unfaithfulness in chapter 2.

In Hosea 3:1, after Gomer had left Hosea and was living in immorality, the Lord commanded Hosea to find her and buy her back. God was continuing His illustration, except now He wanted to show the greatness of His grace: “Even as the LORD loves the children of Israel, though they turn to other gods.” Hosea’s faithful love of Gomer was an illustration of God’s faithfulness to wayward Israel. Just as Gomer had been unfaithful to her husband and had to be redeemed, Israel needed God’s initiative to restore their relationship.

The prophet Hosea was commanded to marry an unfaithful wife, and this set up a model of Israel’s broken relationship with God. Israel had been chosen and loved by God yet had been unfaithful to Him by way of idolatry. Just as Hosea redeemed his estranged wife and sought to continue his relationship with her, God promised to redeem Israel and renew their relationship with Him. The story of Hosea and Gomer is an unforgettable picture of God’s strong, unending love for His covenant people.

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