Where Is The Story Of Gideon In The Bible

What’s the story with Gideon? What happened to okay, I know you are a busy person who has more important things to do. That’s why I’m giving you an opportunity to save some precious time and read this, but if you don’t have the time, no big deal, just get the idea that Gideon was a ruler of all the tribes who lived in Israel and he tried repeatedly to extort God for answers by doing silly things, like pulling down his own garden wall.

Gideon was a judge in the Old Testament that delivered and saved the nation of Israel. He was the one who caused such fear to the enemy (the Midianites) with 300 men. This story is found in chapter 6 of the book of Judges in the Bible and we will look at this story in this article, which also contains a breakdown of each verse.

if you open your bible to the book of judges, you will find the story of Gideon. But what about the political and religious context that surrounds Gideon’s story? Where do we fit it into our constellation of judges between Othniel and Samson? Who were the inhabitants of Gideon’s day? Why are there so many different opinions about Gideon and his God? How does Gideon’s pattern for worship relate to us today? Those are all great questions and I’ll be looking at them throughout this article.

The story of Gideon unfolds in the thirtieth chapter of the Old Testament Book of Judges. The name Gideon is given to one of several Israelite leaders, but there is no other known Israelite leader as great as Gideon. Today we’re going to look at the story of Gideon and see what God used him to do in order to highlight His special gift of faith.

Where Is The Story Of Gideon In The Bible

In this Bible story, from chapter 6 of the book of Judges, Gideon is called upon to save the people of Israel by leading them against the Midianites.  In a common theme of apostasy, the people of Israel had done “what was evil in the sight of the Lord, and the Lord gave them into the hand of Midian.”  The Midianites were capturing any crops produced by the Israelites, giving them grief.  When the people of Israel realized the error of their ways and cried out for help to the Lord, a prophet was sent to deliver them as they had been rescued from Egypt.

Enter Gideon, while harvesting wheat and hiding from the Midianites an angel spoke to him and addressed him as a mighty man of courage.  The angel told Gideon that God is sending him to “save Israel from the hand of Midian.”  Although at first Gideon doubts his ability to do so, he is heartened that God will be with him in this mission.  The first task he is commanded to fulfill is destroying the Altar of Baal the Israelites have constructed, evidence of their apostasy.  And so, during the night, Gideon and ten of his men took down the Altar of Baal making the townspeople very angry and asking for the death of the altar destroyer.  Joash, the father of Gideon, then tells them if Baal really is a god he will kill Gideon himself, saving his son.  

Seeking reassurance from the Lord, Gideon requests proof of God’s promise to save Israel using a fleece.  Encouraged by the acts of God, Gideon and his men then travel near the camp of Midian and prepare for battle.  It is clear that God wants the Israelites to realize his divine validity, telling Gideon to lessen his army from thousands to just 300 men to defeat the Midianites.  Also, Gideon overhears from a dream of one of the Midianites that he is destined to conquer Midian and save the Israelites from oppression. 

Gideon commanded his 300 comrades to surround the Midian camp, making it seem the Midianites were greatly outnumbered, then blow their trumpets on every side and shout, “For the Lord and for Gideon!”  When the Midianites heard the trumpets and saw the torches surrounding their camp they cried out and fled, a triumphant victory for Gideon and the Israelites.  

Where Is The Story Of Gideon In The Bible

In some way the Israelites offended God in return God allowed them to be captured by Midianites for seven years. The Midianites destroyed the crops of the Israelites and also stole their livestock. They left no food for the Israelites. The Lord sent His angel who appeared to Gideon. They talked and the angel said he would be the Israelites champion. God promised Gideon victory and safety. God then asked Gideon to gather some unleavened cakes and some meat and after Gideon did this he set them on a rock and God consumed them with fire. Gideon realizing it was God built an altar to Him. Later at night God commanded him to destroy his father’s altar to Baal. The people in the village wanted to kill Gideon, but Joash, Gideon’s father, talked the people out of it. Then the people called Gideon “Jerubbaal,” meaning “Let Baal take action.” The Midianites and the Amalek moved into the Jezreel valley to attack. Gideon wasn’t sure so he told God to do one thing for him. Gideon asked that a wool fleece be wet with dew and the floor dry. This happened and Gideon was still not sure and asked God to do the opposite of what He did the last night. The next day the opposite of what had occurred. Because of these signs Jerubbaal knew God was on his side. Gideon had 32,000 soldiers and God told Gideon he had too many soldiers. Then God said ” Go tell the men that if they are afraid that they may leave.” Twenty thousand men left leaving Gideon with ten thousand men. God again appeared to Gideon and said to him, “There are still too many soldiers. Lead them down to the river, and I will test them for you there. I tell you that a certain man is to go with you, he must go with you. But no one is to go if I tell you he should not go if I tell you he should not.” Then Gideon led his men down to the river. The Lord said to Gideon “Tell the men to drink. Those men who lap the water like dogs shall be set free. There were three hundred men remaining. Then Gideon moved his men to the area above the valley of the Midianites. That night the Lord told Gideon to descend upon the camp, and if you are afraid take your aide Purah down to the camp.” So Gideon took his aide Purah down to the camp outposts and heard some talking about Gideon’s army. Then he returned to the camp of the Israelites and told them to arise because He had delivered them the camp of Midian. Preparing the men for the attack, he divided them into three companies, and supplied them with horns and empty jars. He gave the men some orders for the attack. Gideon and his men came upon the camp at the middle watch. The men blew horns and held torches in their left hands and in their right hands held horns. The camp was fleeing throughout the encampment. The Midianites flew as far as Beth-shitt-ah. The Israelites were called to arms throughout the land. They captured the two princes of Midian, Oreb and Zeeb, killing Oreb at the rock of Oreb and killing Zeeb at the winepress of Zeeb. The men carried the heads back to Gideon. 

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