Sympathy Prayer For Loss Of Father

We all have times in our life when we feel like we have fallen down and can’t get up. When we are troubled with those things, our mind is filled with the darkness. We hope to seek help from others but the one thing that comes to mind is that you don’t have anyone else who can be there for you. It is at this state of life, you need someone you can count on even if it is God. So here is a prayer of sympathy for loss of father and also a selection of quotes.

Father, we come before you today in prayer for our brother. He is sad and hurt as he has lost his father. May God give him strength, courage and peace during this season of sorrow.

As a parent or a child, there are few things more difficult to endure than losing a close loved one. You may feel alone and overwhelmed with emotional difficulties. There is no right or wrong way to grieve the loss of a close loved one. It is your way to recognize your loss and open yourself up to healing.

Lord, you know our hearts and the sadness we feel. We ask that you bless his family and our friends with your love and peace. In your boundless mercy, Father, comfort those who loved him here on earth, and reassure them that he is with you.

Sympathy Prayer For Loss Of Father

Losing your dad can be devastating, especially if you were close to him. I know this firsthand.

It’s been about four years since my dad passed away. And hands down, it was the hardest things I have ever experienced in my life. I remember recently reading a medical book stating life events that happen and the stress level they can incur on the body.

The number one on the list was the death of a spouse or loved one. And I wasn’t surprised when I saw it. I’ve seen my aunts become widows and my mom. It’s heartbreaking.

But as Christians, we know that one day we shall see them again! This is one of the biggest things that has brought me comfort in this season. One day, I will see my dad again, and for the time being, he’s having a wonderful time in the presence of Jesus. Death where is your sting!

Sympathy Prayer For Loss Of Father

A Prayer for When You Grieve a Lost Loved One

My heart feels like a thousand knives are running through it. I am weary, spent, and just so sad. Please, help me! Hear my prayers. Hold my family and me up. Give us strength. Be present. Be persistent in your love. Carry us through this heartache. Sustain us. Bring us joy and hope. – Lisa Appelo

A Prayer for Loss of a Friend

Today Father, as I grieve for the loss of my friend, I find comfort in the fact that You too grieve for him.  You have watched soul after soul after soul fall prey to the enemy’s lies.

Thank You, Lord, for opening my ears to Your words, my eyes to Your truths, and my heart to Your message.  Thank You for allowing me to understand what truly awaits the ones who choose not to come.  Thank You for the ones who sought me out to share the glorious news of eternal life through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. 

Father, forgive us for being selfish with Your message of hope.  Open our eyes to see the people of this world through Your eyes, so that we would move with urgency, carrying Your Banner of Hope, until the whole world hears.  We ask these things in the Sweet Name of Jesus, Amen. – Amy Duncan

A Prayer for When Grief Makes Praying Hard 

Jesus, my pain is so deep. My anger is fierce, my fear is crippling. And then in the midst of all of these emotions, numbness sets in. I struggle to know how to pray or where to begin! So I’m going to remind myself of truth. I know you are here with me in my grief. I know you are mending the brokenness in ways I can’t always see. Lord, hold me in your arms, take this pain and help me bear it. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

A Prayer for Comfort When You’re Grieving

Father, grant me gospel joy; help me to rejoice in Christ even as I grieve. Envelope me with the peace and comfort only you can provide. As the days move into months, may this burden lessen. As the months move to years, use me to encourage and bless someone else who must walk a similar path. Help me to point them to you as the God of all comfort. I know that you are always with me and that your love never ceases. Help me to find refuge in you and nowhere else. – Christina Fox

A Prayer for God to Fill the Emptiness

I find myself crying out to you day and night. You calm my soul even as I turn my heart to you. May I long for you as the deer longs for streams of water. May I thirst for you even as the tears flood my face (Psalm 42:1-3).

I know you are my refuge and strength and that you always stand ready to help in times just like this. I will choose not to fear when earthquakes come and the mountains crumble. Let the oceans roar and foam and the mountains tremble as the waters surge! (Psalm 46:1-3) And as the world chaotically moves around me, I will rest in you. I will choose to be still and know that you are God (Psalm 46:10).

Father, I am empty. But you are my rescuer, my cup-filler. You are the joy of my heart, my only hope. I come to you asking for more—more of your power, more of your strength, more of your renewal. Take my heartaches and pains. Take my grief and my exhaustion. Take it and renew me. Amen. Dena Johnson

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