St gerard prayer for motherhood

st gerard prayer for motherhood; Motherhood is not a job. It’s a calling.

The first time I held my baby in my arms, it was like nothing else—no feeling on earth could compare to the way I felt when she was resting in my arms like that. The connection between us was so strong, and I knew without a doubt that she would be the most important person in my life from that moment on.

And then came the hard part: raising her. It’s hard because you’re doing something that only one person can do for another person, but it’s also hard because you have no idea what you’re doing. There are no rules or guidelines or checklists to follow—you just have to wing it as best as possible and hope for the best!

But where there is love and commitment, there is always hope and beauty too—and this blog is dedicated to celebrating those things with you!

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St gerard prayer for motherhood

As a mother, you are the most important person in your child’s life.

The way you raise them will shape their beliefs, their thoughts, and their character for the rest of their lives.

To become a good parent requires great patience, love, and understanding. It also requires an open mind and heart so that you can learn from your children as well as teach them about the world around them.

st gerard prayer for motherhood


There are few periods in a woman’s life that can be more exciting than the time she decides to try and start a family. With the decision to become pregnant comes the opportunity to grow your family, create a lasting home for your children, and achieve new levels of intimacy with your spouse. However, there’s also an immense amount of pressure on women today (and their spouses) as they try to balance work and family life, especially since most families are two-income households already. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of becoming pregnant or starting a family, here is one prayer that has been tried and tested by thousands of mothers over centuries:

O good St. Gerard, strong defender of Christian motherhood, look down with a father’s sympathy and a mother’s tenderness on the souls consecrated to God in the holy state of matrimony.

St. Gerard, strong defender of Christian motherhood, look down with a father’s sympathy and a mother’s tenderness on the souls consecrated to God in the holy state of matrimony.

We beseech thee that thou wouldst send down upon them thy blessings; may they be fruitful in every good work and have their children under control at all times. Through thy merits may they obtain from Jesus Christ our Lord high patronage over their offspring and protection from all danger which can threaten them while they are carrying out their duties as parents. Amen!

Assist them that they may fulfill their vocation with generous and courageous hearts, and that by wise and faithful education they may rear their children for the honor and service of God, for their own welfare and for the welfare of the Church.

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Amen is a Hebrew word meaning “so be it.” It has several uses, but the one that you’ll likely hear most often is as a prayer’s closing statement. The word amen can also be used at the end of a sermon or blessing—or anywhere else where you want to confirm an affirmation or strong statement with some finality.

This prayer is especially powerful when said before becoming pregnant

Prayers are a powerful tool for helping you achieve your goals. They can help you connect with God, other people, and yourself in a way that will give you peace of mind. Prayers are also used to make the right decisions when trying to achieve something major like having a child.

The most important thing about praying is that it takes practice. Because prayer involves talking to someone who might not be there in person, some people may find it difficult at first to open up about their feelings and thoughts about what they want from life (or from God). Once these feelings have been expressed verbally though, many people have found relief from stress or anxiety as well as increased confidence in their abilities because they know that there is someone out there listening who can help them through anything!


You can also pray this prayer for your loved ones who are struggling with infertility or pregnancy complications. St. Gerard has a strong devotion to expecting mothers, and his intercession has been known to help women conceive, carry their child to term, and deliver without complications. If you know someone who is trying to get pregnant or suffering in the early stages of her pregnancy, use this prayer on her behalf.

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