St Anne Prayer For A Husband

Discover why it is important to know more about St Anne’s Prayer for a Husband. Not only does St Anne’s prayer have the power to bring your man back, but it also nourishes you spiritually to face any trials that may come your way in life.

St Anne’s Prayer for Husband has been chosen as one of the top spiritual prayers from church to home. There are so many ways to use “st Anne novena prayer for husband” and “novena for finding a husband pdf”.

Dear St. Anne, please intercede on behalf of my husband and me. We have been married for many years and we are not always happy. Please help us to find happiness in each other again. Our marriage has been good in the past, but it needs to be better now. My husband needs to be more loving, patient and kind to me and our children. I need to be more understanding towards him, and give him more freedom. Please help us find each other again so that we can be happy together as a family.

O Glorious St. Anne, Virgin and Mother, who art the mother of the most holy Virgin Mary, the foster-mother of God, the refuge of sinners, and my mother also in Jesus Christ; look down with thy gracious eyes upon me and upon this my petition. I pray thee to obtain for me from thy dear daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary, a husband who will love me faithfully all my life long, one who is upright and virtuous, chaste and sober, patient and kind. And if it be according to Thy will that I should remain unmarried all my life long, grant me grace to remain chaste like Thee. Amen.

St Anne Prayer for a Husband


If you’re single and looking for love, you can use this prayer to St Anne to help find a husband or wife. Pray this prayer with a sincere heart, and leave God to work in your life.

O glorious St Anne, you are filled with compassion for those who invoke you and with love for those who suffer!

O glorious St Anne, you are filled with compassion for those who invoke you and with love for those who suffer!

You have graciously answered the prayers of many mothers who have sought your help in conceiving children. You know how they suffer when they cannot bear life without a child.

O my most holy Patroness, I beg you to obtain for me the grace I so ardently desire: (name your request).

Hear the prayers of one who is so lonely and forlorn seeking a lifetime partner.

Saint Anne, our mother in heaven, pray for us.

Saint Anne, who was chosen by God to be the mother of His only Son. You have been given a special place in heaven by God because you are so good and faithful. We ask your help in finding both a husband or wife for ourselves. Ask Saint Joseph and Jesus to help us find someone who will love us as much as you did with Jesus. Please pray that we may find someone who is good and kind and true to their Catholic faith.

Intercede for me with your daughter Mary, the mother of our Savior, that my life may be changed.

St. Anne, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask your intercession on behalf of my husband. Amen!

You are beloved by God and therefore have His ear. He is pleased to hear your prayers because they are effective in changing lives. You have always been blessed with great faith in Our Lord and you have helped so many people through prayer. Please help me to intercede for my family and husband that his heart may be changed toward being more loving toward me and our children, as well as being more faithful to us as a couple.

Here we go again! My husband has decided once again that he doesn’t want anything to do with our relationship anymore…

Grant my petition if it will be for God’s greater honor and glory and my own salvation.

Saint Anne, you were the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus. You gave your daughter in marriage to Joseph, and you are known for your faithfulness as a wife.

I ask that you pray for me so that I can be married to a man who will love and honor me.

Grant my petition if it will be for God’s greater honor and glory and my own salvation. Amen!



Amen is a Hebrew word meaning “so be it.” It is used to end prayers, just as the word “amen” is used at the end of a prayer in English. Amen can also be used to close a prayer that you have prayed alone or together with others.

In addition, the word amen means “so be it,” or validates the words spoken before them (i.e., if I say ‘Amen,’ this means that I accept what has been said before me). Many believe that an amen was not just meant as an approval of something but as a way for God himself to agree with us! To put it another way: when we say amen in response to someone else’s prayer, we are saying that what they have said sounds good enough for me too!

Pray to St Anne to help find a husband or wife.

To pray to St. Anne, you will need:

  • A prayer card of St. Anne
  • Two white candles
  • Lavender or rosemary essential oil (optional)

To begin your prayer, you can use any of these prayers for Saint Anne or create your own. You can also add in a few drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil if you’d like to get creative with it!


Pray this prayer every day for three weeks straight, and your unwavering faith ensures that St. Anne will hear you. And once St. Anne hears your cries for help, she will deliver the partner of your dreams to you faster than you can say “Amen!”

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