Slow Praise and Worship Songs

Slow Praise and Worship Songs: Slow worship songs are a great way to help you connect with God. Try playing one of these songs the next time you’re feeling disconnected from God.

You can also use slow worship songs as background music in your home or office. You may even want to play it in the car on your way to work or school.

You might think that fast songs are the best way, but the truth is, it’s all about the connection. If you want to really be able to feel what God feels, then slow songs are for you.

When you’re listening to a slow song, it’s easier for your mind to focus on what’s being said in the lyrics. This means that you’re able to get closer to God than ever before! If you’re looking for a way to really connect with your Savior, then slow songs are definitely worth a listen!

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Slow worship songs for reflection

Slow Praise and Worship Songs


Here are my favorite slow praise and worship songs for those times when you just want to sit in God’s presence and be still.

Be Still – Dustin Kensrue

Be Still is a song written by Dustin Kensrue, lead vocalist of the band Thrice. The song was released on their album The Alchemy Index Vol. 1: Fire and Water in 2008. This worship song has a key of G Major and a tempo of 87 beats per minute. It is also classified as contemporary worship music, which are songs that are typically based on modern rock or pop music styles but are used for praising God (1 Corinthians 14:40).

The theme of this song is about trust in God despite what we’re going through in life or how hard things might seem at times. In particular, Dustin writes about trusting God even when everything seems like it’s falling apart around us or when people around us may be experiencing suffering themselves – because ultimately our lives are not our own but belong to God who loves us more than we can comprehend (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

King of Heaven – Hillsong Worship

King of Heaven is a song that exalts the power and majesty of God. It was written by Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding, then recorded by Hillsong Worship in 2018. The lyrics are simple and straightforward, making them easy to remember even if you’ve never heard them before. This song is great for bringing praise into your day: if you’re having a bad day, this song can remind you who holds the power over your life; if you’re having a good day, it adds an extra layer of wonder at how awesome God is!

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In Christ Alone – Passion

In Christ Alone

In Christ alone, my hope is found. He is my light and my strength; He will guide me through this journey.

I won’t be afraid, no, not anymore, since you took your place in the cross – I am now free from all my sin!

Jesus, you’re everything to me. You’re the one who makes me whole! Your love has saved us! We are so blessed because we have been forgiven by your sacrifice for us on that cross; we are finally set free from our sins!

Cornerstone – Hillsong Worship

  • What is the song about?
  • Who wrote it and when?
  • How does it relate to the topic?

Take My Life – Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin is a worship leader, songwriter and contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter. He first gained prominence as a member of the Passion movement and then as one of the leaders of modern worship music at Elevation Church. The North Carolina native has recorded twelve studio albums, including nine that have been released through six labels: six on sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records; three on EMI Christian Music Group’s Capitol Christian Music Group imprint; one on Reunion Records; and one self-published project via iTunes in 2007. Of his eleven Top 10 singles, ten were written by Tomlin. In 2004 he made history when his song “How Great Is Our God” was nominated for Song Of The Year at the Dove Awards (Christian Music’s equivalent of the Grammys). That song went on to win Song Of The Year

in 2005 – making it only the second time in history that any artist has won both categories consecutively in consecutive years

Build My Life – Passion

Build My Life

Artist: Passion

Released in 2016 as part of the album Worthy of Your Name, this song is written by Brett Younker, Karl Martin, Kirby Kaple, Matt Redman and Pat Barrett. This is a great one to use if you’re looking for a slow praise and worship song that’s easy but still has some substance to it.

All I Have Is Christ – Sovereign Grace Music

This song is by Sovereign Grace Music and can be found on the album Glorious. Lyrics:

All I have is Christ and all my need for Him to meet.

All I have is Christ, no other treasure will suffice.

He’s everything I need, all that matters and more,

More than a thousand worlds could ever give to me.

Your Name High – Hillsong Worship

Your Name High is a song that has been sung in churches all over the world, and it’s easy to see why. The lyrics talk about a person who is looking up to God, putting their hope in Him. There are some powerful words here—words of praise, faith and trust in God.

“I’ve been looking for so long now,” says the songwriter at the beginning of Your Name High, “I’ve been searching every corner; I’ve been trying every door.” In these first few lines we can hear how much this person wants to connect with God but feels like they haven’t found what they’re looking for yet. They keep looking for their place with God but don’t seem able to find it on their own or anywhere else – until eventually they land upon something truly special: “Your name high.”

This phrase expresses how important God’s name is when you need Him most; when you feel most lonely or lost or scared; when you don’t know what will happen next; when life just doesn’t seem fair sometimes… When things seem impossible and hopeless… That’s when your name high becomes everything!

The Lord Our God – Kristian Stanfill

This song was released on February 6, 2012 and features vocals from Kristian Stanfill. The song is about the Lord’s presence in life, allowing us to find hope through Jesus who is the Lord our God.

Holy Is the Lord – Chris Tomlin

  • The lyrics.
  • The melody.
  • The artist.
  • The tempo.
  • The genre.
  • Instrumentation (piano, guitar, drums).
  • Year it was released (2000).

It makes you feel peaceful and happy at the same time; what it reminds you of is church; anything else you find significant is how many people like this song!

It is Well With My Soul (When Peace Like A River) – Vertical Church Band

This song is about trust in God, despite the chaotic and difficult circumstances of life. It was written by Horatio Spafford, who was inspired to write it after his wife died from yellow fever, and their four daughters also died within days of each other. Spafford had been traveling on business when his family became ill. He rushed home as soon as he could, but the girls were already dead when he arrived in Chicago.

Vertical Church Band’s version opens with a slow build up that builds into an uplifting chorus with soft background vocals and piano chords. The video features a choir singing along with people surfing on waves at sunset—it’s truly inspiring!

Here’s a list of some good slow worship songs.

These songs are great for worship services, but they’re also perfect to help you meditate.


There are many other great slow worship songs out there, but these are some of the best. If you know of any that we left off our list, feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite song!

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