Slothness in the Bible

Slothness in the Bible: the sin of laziness and apathy.

In the Bible, sloth is listed as one of the seven deadly sins. The reason for this is because sloth can lead to other sins that are far more destructive than just being lazy. For example, if you’re lazy about doing your job at work, you may end up stealing from your employer or not doing your best work. This can lead to being fired—and if you’re not careful, it could even lead to jail time!

The Bible makes it clear that we should be working hard at whatever we do (2 Thessalonians 3:10). Slothfulness is a sin against God, because it means that we do not trust Him enough to give us everything we need (Psalm 37:3). But more importantly than that, slothfulness is a sin against ourselves. When we fail to live up to our potential in life by refusing to work hard at what we do, we are hurting ourselves!

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Pieter van der Heyden | Sloth (Desidia), from the series The Seven Deadly  Sins | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Slothness in the Bible


Why does the Bible mention sloths and how we should think about them? Let’s take a look.

The slothful person does not want to be troubled. The lazy man does not want to work.

Sloth is the sin of laziness, and it’s something we are all prone to. The Bible tells us that “The slothful person does not want to be troubled.” (Proverbs 21:25)

Slothfulness is a negation of charity and love. It implies that you don’t care about others as much as you should. It’s closely linked with pride and envy, because if someone else has more than you do or something better than what you have, they’re probably getting it without being bothered by anything. You can see this in how the rich man in Proverbs 6:6 says he doesn’t want to work hard for what he has: “Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways and be wise!

The slothful person is lazy and stubborn. He does not want to do anything.

Sloth is the sin of laziness. The slothful person does nothing, and he doesn’t want to do anything. He is stubborn and lazy at the same time.

The Bible says that we should be busy doing things for God (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

Slothfulness makes himself and those around him suffer.

Slothfulness makes people and those around them suffer. This is true of both spiritual and physical slothfulness, because they are essentially the same thing. In fact, slothfulness is just one of many sins listed in the Bible (e.g., Ecclesiastes 10:18), but it’s a particularly harmful one since it leads people to make poor choices that hurt their health—and their souls!

Slothful people are like slow-moving vehicles on the road: They cause accidents when they don’t get out of the way for others who want to move forward with their lives; meanwhile, these drivers continue traveling along at a sluggish pace until something happens that forces them into action again—but not before causing more trouble along the way!

Slothfulness is harmful to the soul

Slothfulness is a sin.

Slothfulness is dangerous to the soul.

The body suffers from slothfulness, as well. The mind also suffers from it; and so does the spirit.


I hope you enjoyed learning about a few of the different verses in the Bible that talk about sloths and their characteristics. I also hope that it has given you some ideas for how to overcome laziness in your own life, by working hard and being diligent! The good news is that sloths are not native to most parts of the United States; however, there may be some situations where they could appear – such as if a person with one as a pet moves into an apartment complex or neighborhood near yours.

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