Should A Pastor Tithe?

Pastor tithes have many people wondering, “Should a Pastor Tithe?” The answer is yes, a pastor should tithe. While you may believe that God doesn’t require pastors to give 10% of their salaries, it’s important to understand why He does anyway. We provide you with insightful information on “what is the church supposed to do with tithes”, “should a pastor be on the church bank account” and “where do pastors pay their tithes”

The Bible says that a pastor should tithe, but it doesn’t say much about what a pastor is supposed to tithe. In fact, the Bible says a lot more about what pastors should be doing with their money than it does about tithing at all.

So if we’re going to talk about whether or not pastors should tithe, we need to look at the word tithe itself. The word comes from the Hebrew word “maaser” which means 10%. This means that a pastor should give 10% of their income to the church—but not just any 10%. It needs to be 10% of the amount of money they make from their job as a pastor.

So here’s where things get tricky: what does “job” mean for pastors? If you’re a pastor and you make your living as an accountant or a doctor or an electrician, then your job is being an accountant/doctor/electrician and so you don’t need to give any money away because you already paid taxes on those earnings when they were made. You also don’t get paid twice for doing your job: once by your employer and then again by God via tithing (which would be illegal).

Should Pastors Tithe? Here's Why Pastors MUST Tithe

Should a Pastor Tithe?


Should a pastor tithe? This question may seem odd, but we do not tussle with it lightly. We are aware of the potential for the answer to this question to cause offense among some of our readers. Still, we believe that treading in this territory is necessary.

When a pastor gets paid, he or she should give a tithe of that income to their church, the same as every other person in his or her congregation

Tithing is a form of giving that comes from the Hebrew word “maaser” which means “the tenth.” The tithe is the first 10% of your income and it’s meant to be given back to God. It’s also what you give to your local church as a sign of trust in God (Malachi 3:10-12).

There are plenty of people who argue that tithing isn’t necessary for pastors because they already get paid by their congregation members. But just like every other person in his or her congregation, a pastor should give back 10% of their income as well!

We all need to remember that no matter how much money we make or where our paycheck comes from—whether it’s from working at McDonald’s or being an entrepreneur—we’re still called by God all over again. We may not think our meager salary has any value, but according to Malachi 3:10-11 it does!

By tithing on their pastor’s income, congregations help their leaders stay humble and faithful.

The church has a responsibility to help their pastor remain humble and faithful. Tithing is a good way for the congregation to do this, since it reminds the pastor that he or she has a duty to the church.

The Bible tells us that we should not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain (1 Timothy 5:18). The oxen must be allowed to eat as they work, so their strength is not depleted. If we muzzle them, then they will not be able to get food at all when they need it most—during harvest time when they’re working hard on our behalf.

Likewise, though pastors are called into ministry by God’s authority alone and should never feel like they are being paid for doing what God desires them to do (1 Corinthians 9:14), congregations can fulfill God’s intention in certain ways by reminding their pastors just how much He cares about our spiritual well-being by giving us money or other forms of support according as our needs require (1 Corinthians 16:2). By tithing on their pastor’s income, congregations help their leaders stay humble and faithful

The tithe is a sign of our trust in God that He will provide what we need.

The tithe is a sign of our trust in God that He will provide what we need. When we tithe, we’re saying, “God, I trust that You’re going to give me everything I need.”

We may not have all the money in the world or any idea where our next meal is coming from—but when we put some of what little money or food we have into God’s hands, it shows Him how much faith we really have!

Tithing is a way to show obedience to God.

We should give as we have been given. If a person has been saved and baptized, they are expected to tithe. Tithing is a way to show obedience to God and trust in Him that He will provide what you need (1 Timothy 6:17-19). “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” (Psalm 23:1).

Tithing reminds us that everything we have belongs to God.

Tithing is a reminder that God is the source of all our blessings. It’s an affirmation of our dependence on God, and it helps us to remember that everything we have belongs to Him.

If you’ve been tithing for a while, I’d encourage you to look at it through this lens—as an opportunity to reflect on your relationship with God and the gift of His grace. Even if your income has changed over time, or if you’re going through some rough times right now financially, keep tithing as a way of giving thanks for your many blessings!

A pastor should tithe just like anyone else

The truth is, you don’t need to be a pastor or even in ministry at all to tithe. Tithing is not some special privilege only for the clergy. The principle of tithing was established in the Old Testament for everyone and still applies today.

In fact, I believe it’s one of our highest callings as Christians to be generous with what God has given us and share our blessings with others. Some people have more than they know what to do with while others struggle just to make ends meet—but none of us can honestly say that we don’t need anything at all from God. That’s why tithing should be an important part of every Christian’s life! It’s not about getting money back from God; it’s about showing faith in him by giving back 10 percent (or more) of what he has already given us so freely and abundantly!


There are two sides to this argument. Some believe that pastors should tithe and others do not. The answer really depends on what you think is right, but I am on the side of those who say “no, pastors shouldn’t tithe”. It isn’t fair for churches to require their employees give 10% when they earn less than $500/month while other churches tell everyone they must give at least 10% regardless of income level.

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