Short Prayer To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who has breathed on the whole world through the mouth of the Holy Ghost, and has given to all nations life and grace, give me a deeper love for you. So that my whole life may be one perfume of grateful love, I humbly implore you to teach me and give me a lively faith in your salvation, a perfect sorrow for my sins, an ardent charity towards my brothers and sisters in Christ, and an undying hope of one day seeing you face to face in Heaven.

O Most Mighty Heart of Jesus! Fountain of life, and throne of mercy! My only consolation, my riches, my hope, and my salvation! O Heart of love, I embrace Thee, I press Thee to my lips; I thank Thee for the gifts Thou hast obtained for me from heaven. I present to Thee this day all the acts of my life. Make them acceptable unto God! Have pity on me a sinner; make use of my kindnesses and prayers, in order to touch the hearts of those whom Thou lovest. Grant me patience when tempted too much by others?s faults and infidelities. Inspire me with knowledge in order that I may grow in Thy grace and become Thy child; let me imitate Thine example in order to become holy like Thee; liberate me through Thy love in order that I may be most devoted to Thee; take possession of my will in order that I may have true generosity. It is for this that I have borne the trials Thou hast sent me since my childhood. From time to time have they made me suffer combatting against myself. But Thou hast mercifully granted that seeing they did not force me to stumble into grave errors; they have made it

Lord Jesus, I offer Thee the most precious blood which gushed forth from Thy Heart during the agony of Thy most cruel passion. O Blood, poured out for me with love and kindness beyond all praise, today I consecrate myself to Thee and unite myself thus to Thy adorable Heart. Were it not for that ineffable love of Thine flaming from the Heart of such agony, my heart would be hopeless indeed! I would never forget that Thou didst die for me; this remembrance would make me turn away in disgust though no justice should condemn me to hell fire.

O Jesus, holy and gracious, as Thou didst manifest Thy pity towards all in distress when Thou wast on earth, so I beseech Thee to behold me in Thy divine goodness, and to succor me in the needful time of my tribulation.

Short Prayer To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

The month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Every year we celebrate the solemnity on the eighth day of the Feast of Corpus Christi, 19 days days after Pentecost. This year it falls on June 24th! 

The Devotion to the wounded heart of Jesus dates back to the 11th century. Christians would meditate on Christ’s passion and suffering and offer prayers to the Sacred Heart. However it wasn’t until 1673, when Jesus began to visit Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, that we would learn more about this amazing devotion. During these visions, Jesus shared with St. Margaret Mary about His immense love for mankind and asked her to spread this message. The image if of Christ’s heart surrounded in a crown of thorns to illustrate the immense suffering He endured for us and continues to endure due to man’s ingratitude. The flames symbolize his immense love for us, and the cross is to remind us of his death. He asked that His heart be venerated and adored as a visible display of Christ’s love and mercy. 

Jesus is showing us that His heart is on fire with love for us. He wants everyone to know how much He loves each and every one of us, and the image is the perfect reminder of this enormous love.  

Short Prayer To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Thank you for your unconditional love. I pray to you today to help me open my heart to all those around me, especially those in need. Help me to see the good in everyone, and remind me that if we show compassion and kindness, it will come back to us tenfold. Thank you for being a beacon of hope in this world.


Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I am in need of your help. You are my Lord, my Savior, my God. Please hear my prayer and grant me the grace of forgiveness, courage to face the future with hope and joy in my heart, peace for myself and others, health for those who are sick and suffering. I ask this through your Sacred Heart which loves me so much. Amen.

Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,

I thank you for your love and kindness in my life. Please continue to help me to follow your example and live a life of selfless service. I ask that you touch the hearts of those around me so that they too may come to know you as I do. Amen.

Dear Lord Jesus,

I pray to you for the whole world. I pray for the conversion of sinners and for those who are in grave danger of sinning. I pray that all who have lost the faith may recover it, and that those who do not believe may believe and be converted.

Jesus, heart of love, I adore you and I thank you for all the blessings which pour down upon me from your loving heart. O my divine Saviour, inflame my heart with your love, so that it will burn with zeal for your glory and with love towards your dear Mother and all mankind. May my heart be ever united to yours by a sweet bond of charity; so that wherever I am or whatever I do, there may always be one single desire in both our hearts: “to please God and save souls”. Amen!

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I am your humble servant and I come to you with my heart full of desire. I beg you to enlighten my mind so that it may comprehend the truths of faith and make me understand them more deeply; to inflame my will with the love of good for You and for others; to purify my emotions so that they may be always disposed to seek what is right and shun what is wrong in all things; and finally, to give me perseverance in following out these resolutions until death.

I ask this through Our Lady, Mother of Mercy, who was given by you as an advocate in every time of need. May she obtain for me from your Sacred Heart all this and much more. Amen!

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