Sermons For Women’s Groups

Sermons for Women’s Groups: It’s time to be honest, women. How frequently do we genuinely believe that we are the “weaker sex”? We all know that this is the case. How often do we let our weaknesses show? Women have a lot of power; we simply need to know how to use it. And where better to accomplish it than within our own groups? You can let go of the things that are holding you back in a women’s group. You can let go of the need to be flawless and just be you. Without concern about criticism, you are free to explore new ideas and ask questions. You get to be more accepting of others than most men would anticipate!

Because of the absence of competitiveness and failure fear when we work together like way. Since we are all on an equal level, our accomplishments and failures both serve to motivate us. No matter how terrified we may be or how much it worries us, that gives us the courage to venture beyond of our comfort zones!

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The Role of Women in the Church: Are We Missing the Mark? - Topical Studies

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Title: “The Triumph of Life”

  • Esther: The story of Esther is full of triumphs. She was a woman who was chosen to be queen of Persia, but she also risked her life by saving her people from certain death. She knew that it would take more than just beauty and charm to win over the king, but she was willing to go through with it nonetheless because she loved her family and friends so much.
  • Mary Magdalene: Even though she had been abandoned by Jesus and his disciples, Mary Magdalene continued on with strength and conviction so that she could spread God’s word throughout the land. She didn’t let anything stop her from doing what needed done for others, including herself!
  • Mary, the mother: This woman made the decision to not only give birth to, but also raise, one of history’s greatest leaders: Jesus Christ! She exemplified for us all the strength a woman can possess when she has faith in both her own abilities and those of her loved ones, friends, etc.

Title: “Self-esteem for Women Made in God’s Image”

For a woman, knowing that you are made in God’s image is an important step toward self-esteem. You were created by a loving God who is a spirit and lives eternally in heaven as the creator of this universe. He has spoken to us through His Son Jesus Christ and given us instructions on how to live our lives here on earth.

We have a goal! Being made in His likeness gives us a profound sense of value, thus we are valuable! Remember that God sees your face every day; He knows every freckle on your skin and every tale of how difficult it was for your parents to have their first child with cerebral palsy; He knows every tear shed due to bullying from classmates or coworkers who don’t understand what it’s like to have diabetes constantly monitoring blood sugar levels throughout the day anticipating old age knowing that one day soon I’ll be dead.

Title: “Portraits of Strength”

In this sermon, we’ll take a look at the different ways that women are strong. The Bible has many portraits of strength: physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

You may be surprised by some of the women you find listed in this sermon!

Title: “Women of the Bible”

In this sermon, we’re going to take a look at the women of the Bible. We’ll be talking about some of their roles and how they were strong people.

Now, I want you to know something: God loves every single one of us, just like he loved these women in the Bible. And if they could do it (and they did), so can we!

Title: “Becoming a Woman of Integrity”

You need to be willing to do what is right even when no one is watching, and you need the courage to stand up for your beliefs. You also must have the personal strength to take responsibility for your actions, even when those actions may not be popular or easy.

  • This sermon was delivered at a church in Indianapolis, Indiana.*

Title: “A Quest for Joy”

“Joy, joy! A quest for joy”

Have you ever questioned what joy really is? Do certain things make you happier or have the potential to make you happier? Where can we discover joy? Are there particular situations that lessen our likelihood of experiencing joy than others? The sermon “A Quest for Joy” will address these issues as well as others. This sermon’s central focus is finding joy in unexpected places by taking a fresh look at your life. You may even come to realize that changing something is more about changing how you view yourself and your situation than it is about changing what you do.

You may also learn how difficult it can be to go through life feeling like there is no place for joy when everything seems chaotic and uncertain. But don’t worry! In spite of everything else going on around us, God promises us His constant presence (Psalm 23)

These sermons can evangelize and comfort women in their strength.

In this sermon, I want to talk about a woman of strength. She is one of the many women who lived in Israel in the time of Nehemiah, when the walls around Jerusalem were being rebuilt.

This woman’s name was Huldah, and she was known as an excellent prophetess who gave wise counsel to King Josiah over two hundred years earlier (2 Kings 22:12). She also prophesied that God would be with Nehemiah and his people as they rebuilt His temple (Neh. 8:2-3).

She had the guts and the boldness to tell guys the truth while they were attempting to stop others from hearing what God was trying to tell them via her! She has been referred to as a “prophetess” because of the fact that she spoke out what God had revealed to her or instructed her vocally or via visions.

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