Sermons for United Methodist Women’s Sunday

Sermons for United Methodist Women’s Sunday: When you become a member of United Methodist Women, you join a group of women who share the same goals: improving their communities, supporting one another when facing challenges or adversity, learning new skills or methods for improving their lives and communities. You have to believe in people; you have to believe that the world will keep rotating around the sun, that tomorrow will bring another sunrise, and the one after that. You must have confidence that God has a purpose for every person on Earth and that His plan is greater than your own. You must have enough self-confidence to realize your importance and how much your life matters.

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Sermons For Women’S Fellowship

Sermon: The Woman with an Alabaster Jar | Manahawkin United Methodist Church

Sermons For Sunday Service.

5/3/15 The Power of Unity

We are united in faith and by the power of prayer. We trust and love one another, inspiring each other to be generous with our time and resources. As a result of this unity, we have hope that we can make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others through perseverance.

4/12/2015 It’s About LOVE

“God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God and God abides in him” (1 John 4:16).

The question for us is, How do we abide in God’s love?

We must consider what it means for someone to abide in something in order to comprehend this verse. The definition of abide is “to live continuously or to remain permanently.” In other terms, to abide somewhere or anything is to continuously spend time there rather than to leave it. When I say that I’m going to be your buddy forever and always, I really mean that there will never be a period when it stops; instead, our friendship will last until one of us passes away. I’ll never let go of our friendship, promise! That would be absurd because our friendship is enduring and will always exist (or until death does part us).

So if abiding in love means remaining committed to another person despite whatever difficulties might come along the way (like sickness or death), then how do we stay committed to God?

5/4/2014 What is the purpose?

The purpose of United Methodist Women is to nurture women in faith, to develop their spiritual growth, and to support mission with women, children and youth.

The goal of the first section is to strengthen women’s faith. That entails assisting each woman in realizing that regardless of what she has done or not done, God still loves her. Additionally, it entails assisting each woman in realizing that she can put her complete reliance in God because He accepts her completely as she is. And it entails assisting every woman in realizing that, despite the fact that God’s plan for her life may not resemble what other people would want, it nevertheless entails joy and fulfillment.

The second part of our mission statement talks about spiritual growth: empowering women through discipleship experiences so they can grow spiritually on a continuous basis rather than just during once-in-a-lifetime events like baptism or confirmation; teaching them how to share Christ’s love with others; and encouraging each woman’s personal relationship with Christ so that he may continue loving her through all the changes life brings (I put these last two parts together because they go together).

3/2/2014 Gather Together, Share Together

If you’re like me, you’ve heard the phrase “gather together” many times before. It sounds pretty basic — everyone needs to gather together and share together. What else is there? Well, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to gathering and sharing with each other as women of God.

3/10/2013 United Methodist Women Sunday in Lent

United Methodist Women was born in the midst of the Civil War, when women were called to serve their country at home. Since then, UMW has continued in the spirit of service and mission. Here are some facts about our history:

  • United Methodist Women (UMW) is an organized program of The United Methodist Church that connects all women in the church through mission, education and fellowship. Its members can be found in more than 7,000 congregations across the world—from small rural churches to large urban settings; from countries as diverse as Afghanistan and Haiti to Norway and Japan; from single member churches to those with membership numbering over 100 people every week.
  • Four Cornerstones – UMW is based on four cornerstones: mission work/church-wide programs; personal growth opportunities for women who want more out of life than just being a mother or wife; fellowship among other women who share their experiences with one another; outreach efforts which allows them not only help others but also learn how best practice what they preach so that everyone benefits from their growth experience.* Four Major Program Areas – In order to accomplish these goals three major program areas have been established: worship experiences for children ages birth through 12th grade plus pre-schoolers; Bible study classes for teens/youths ages 13 through college age students including men’s groups when possible (or where needed); adult Bible studies which include both topical studies along with doctrinal topics such as theology classes focusing on things like grace vs works salvation etc.; social justice issues facing our society today such as hunger relief programs addressing poverty issues affecting families worldwide.”

2/17/2013 Becoming Whole Through Community

“Becoming Whole Through Community”

February 17, 2013

  • The purpose of United Methodist Women’s Sunday is to promote the mission of United Methodism and connect women who are passionate about that mission. It is a time for women to share their faith, hope, and love with others; connect to one another as they grow in Christ; encourage each other in their ministries; encourage new members who wish to join them in enjoyment of the day; pray together and worship together as they praise God for all his blessings.
  • This sermon can be used on any day when you have community activities planned such as luncheons or dinners where everyone participates in some type of activity such as singing songs or playing games etc…

The power of women working together in faith can change the world.

Women of faith can change the world. Women working together in faith can change the world.

I’m not referring about ladies who excel at event planning and organization or volunteer work in the community. Women whose very lives are a testament to their spiritual journey; women whose hearts are full of love for God and others—women who have committed to living out their Christian values every day, no matter how challenging that may be. I’m talking about women who understand what it means to pray, listen to, and act on our prayers. These are the kinds of women who first allow themselves to be changed by God’s mercy before changing others’ lives via acts of service!

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