Sermons For July 4th

Sermons for July 4th: For Americans, July 4th has long been a significant holiday to commemorate our independence from Great Britain. Even if it can seem like it happened a while ago, it’s crucial to keep in mind what transpired that day. Thirteen colonies were remained under to British power in 1776 despite years of struggle for independence. On this day, the Declaration of Independence was formally signed, announcing the end of British rule over the colonies and their independence.

We should enjoy this day by going out and celebrating with our family and friends! In order for us to remain free today, we should never forget the sacrifices made by our forefathers during the American Revolution.

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Sermon title: God Is Our Refuge

In times of trouble, God is a refuge and strength. When you are in trouble, the Lord will take you in and comfort you. He will help you to find peace, because he is your refuge.

Sermon title: Coming of Age

  • Coming of age is a time of transition and growth.
  • The Bible celebrates the coming of age of people like Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his brothers, but became one of Egypt’s highest government officials.
  • Parents can encourage their children to grow in faith as they come of age.

Sermon title: A Nation Under God

  • We are a nation that was founded on religious principles.
  • The founders of America believed that only a virtuous people could be free, and they believed our rights come from God, not government.
  • They relied on the Bible to guide them as they wrote our Constitution and Declaration of Independence because it was clear to them that the Bible alone contained all truth necessary for life, liberty and happiness (John 17:17).
  • Today, God is still at work in America through His Son Jesus Christ who died for us so we could have eternal life!

Sermon title: God’s Work in America

God’s Work in America

With the arrival of the first settlers on this continent, God’s work in America started. Since then, as his people have worked to respect him and live in accordance with his instructions, he has continued to bless them. Our country is filled with examples of God at work, from our military, which defends us from both external and internal threats, to our local churches, where we gather each Sunday to worship, to our schools and hospitals, which thrive under his direction and protection.

Genesis 1:26-27, Psalm 95:4-6, and Romans 8:18–23, today’s scriptural readings, serve as a reminder that God is at work everywhere, including in our world. It’s amazing to think about how he made everything from nothing in order for us to discover more about him via the observation of creation. But most significantly, we know that everything happens for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

Independence day is also a good time to consider what we trust in.

The virtue of trust is amazing. It’s the emotion we have when we know someone has our back and will stick to their word. Trust means having faith in someone else, whether they are a friend, a family member, or even God. However, trust can also signify something more akin to faith, such as the conviction that all will work out for the best despite the unpredictability of the future or a positive view on life despite adverse circumstances.

This week’s sermon is about how it’s important for us to trust ourselves first before we can trust others, because without trusting ourselves there can be no true friendship with another person (or with God).

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