Sermons For Good Friday

Sermons for Good Friday: On Good Friday, people commemorate Jesus’ suffering and rejoice in his resurrection. We commemorate Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection on Good Friday. Judas, who kissed Jesus before being taken into custody by Roman troops, betrayed Jesus. Before being dragged away and executed on a cross, the soldiers battered and insulted the victim. Jesus prayed, “My God, why have you left me?” just before he passed away.

What followed is described in the Bible: “After accepting the wine, Jesus declared, “It has been accomplished!” He thereafter dropped his head and lost all hope.” Matt. 27:51–53 Jesus arose from the dead after three days in the tomb!

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The Death of Jesus

  • Jesus’ death was a gift and sacrifice to us.
  • Jesus was blameless.
  • Jesus was not a martyr.
  • Jesus had a choice in whether or not to die, but he willingly gave up his life for others.

What is Good Friday?

Good Friday is the day when we remember Jesus’ death.

Jesus died on Good Friday so that we could be saved from our sins and live forever with God.

Good Friday is a very important day for Christians. It’s called Black Friday, Holy Friday, Great Friday, and even sometimes Easter Sunday because it’s the day before Easter Sunday.

A Good Man Gone Bad?

Remembering that Good Friday is the day we remember that Jesus died for our sins is the greatest way to approach the holiday. Jesus was executed for being a criminal. Jesus was executed on this particular day. It was a day filled with sadness, misery, pain, and agony. What do we do with this, though? What should our course of action be? Christians have been meditating on and reflecting on Christ’s sacrifice, praying, grieving his death, and imagining all the ways their lives could be different if he hadn’t died so brutally on that cross for thousands of years on Good Friday.

The Day We Dread

On this day, we remember that Jesus died for our sins. He was beaten, he was mocked and humiliated, he was crucified on a cross, and then he was buried in a tomb. This day is called “Good” Friday because of what happened next: Jesus came back to life and defeated death itself.

So why do we dread this day? Why don’t we celebrate it as much as Easter Sunday? The truth is that Good Friday is not so good for us—we can’t escape its horrors—but there’s good news too: God has rescued us from death when he raised Jesus from the dead!

The Day that is Good

Jesus was whipped, mocked, and killed on the cross. For our faults, he died. He led a life devoid of sin. A good man could be put to death, but Jesus was more than just any man—he was the Son of God and the Saviour of the world. On Good Friday, we reflect on what occurred when God sent his only Son as an atonement for our sins because we are unable to rescue ourselves. We must keep in mind that Jesus’ death on Good Friday was not in vain, as are all other deaths, because His death granted those who trust in Him as their Lord and Savior today eternal life (John 3:16).

Good Friday is the day when we remember that Jesus died for our sins.

Good Friday is the day when we remember that Jesus died for our sins. We call it “Good” Friday because it is the day when we see how good God is to us and how he has given us a way to be forgiven of all our sins, no matter how bad they are. This is why we celebrate this day by going to church on Good Friday and hearing sermons about what happened on this day.

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