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Sda live church service: How To Have A Better Relationship With God: A blog discussing other religious subjects as well as how studying the bible can enhance your own personal relationship with God. The Seventh-day Adventist Church, Seventh Day Baptist, Church of God (Seventh-Day), and various other sabbatarian faiths hold Sabbath School, which typically consists of a music service and a Bible study session. On Saturday mornings, it is often held prior to the church service, however this sometimes change. To encourage Christian development, it offers Bible-based programs. This time frame typically lasts for one hour and forty minutes. The “lesson study” is also carried out at this time.

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Sabbath School usually begins at 9:30am or 10:30am on Saturday mornings before the worship service starts. The Sabbath School service for adults typically has two portions. The first portion begins with a song service, followed by a mission emphasis and a short talk. The second, and larger portion, is the lesson study. Different churches conduct Sabbath School in many ways, mostly teaching on the same topic or reading in a given week, as each quarter of the year has a different theme that reflects Bible, doctrinal, or church lifestyle teachings. The lesson booklet is called the “quarterly.”

Sabbath School may be conducted in one large class, or the congregation may separate into smaller groups for discussion in the sanctuary or in different rooms. Participation is not restricted to Church members. Young people often meet separately. After Sabbath School the church service begins, usually at 11:00am.

On the last Sabbath of the quarter, or the 13th Sabbath, a special collection is taken for a missionary project. During the “13th Sabbath Program,” youngsters may present a music or acting special based on the subject learned that quarter or explain the traditions and dress in the attire of the countries or world regions which offerings collected will benefit. Communion Service preceded by footwashing may take place on or right after the 13th Sabbath.

A 2002 worldwide survey of local church leaders estimated that 67% of Adventists, including 63% of under-18s, “attend Sabbath School nearly every week”.


Sabbath School teachers are usually lay people selected by a designated coordinator, board, or committee. Normally, the selection is based on a perception of character and ability to teach the Bible rather than formal training in education, although some Sabbath School teachers have a background in education as a result of their occupation. Some churches offer courses in teaching, or hold teachers’ classes to go over the lesson for that Sabbath; other churches allow volunteers who make a profession of faith to teach without training.

Study guides (Seventh-day Adventist)

Adult lesson

Adult church members are provided with the Adult Bible Study Guide (formerly known as Sabbath School Quarterly) issued four times a year. It is also known as the “Quarterly” and the “Lesson”. It is published by Pacific Press Publishing Association. Sabbath School quarterlies are Bible study guides that cover a specific topic or book of the Bible every quarter. The quarterly is designed to be read during the week, so that during Sabbath School, the class members are ready to discuss questions and topics raised in that lesson in small groups. The Adult Sabbath School always has a heavy focus on the Bible. All Seventh-day Adventists around the world use the same Sabbath School quarterly, translated into the necessary languages (with few exceptions such as Germany, where members cover the same topic with different material). As of 2012 the editor of the Adult Sabbath School lessons was Clifford Goldstein.

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