Preauricular Sinus In The Bible

To start, it should be noted that preauricular occurs at the front of the neck and sinus usually refers to a cavity or projection on an organ. When these two are combined, they refer to a small blind pocket of air that is set inside the superficial tissue at the front of the ear. These pockets, generally called sinus preauriculares, are much more common in adults than in children because as we age we lose elasticity in our tissue and create a cavity that does not surface until an adult age. The incidence is generally fairly low and occurs in people who have long faces and high prominent cheek bones.

Horseshoe-shaped preauricular sinuses are relatively uncommon. Such a considerable number of cases are unreported in published reports that one is forced to conclude that bilateral preauricular sinuses, especially if only one is present, have been underexamined.

Preauricular sinuses are were the name given to extra channels of airways from the nose. There are several Preauricular Sinus In The Bible, and can affect many people globally, but does not cause any issues in most cases.

Preauricular sinus in the bible is actually not a major problem to treat. It would be easy for you if you have some surgical skills. Sinus blockage may occur even without having a disease. It’s just the change of shape of the nose which affects your sinuses. The new shape gives less space for those glands inside your nose and they become congested. Sinus blockage may produce pain, swallowing problem, headache, and stuffy feeling in your nose among others

Preauricular Sinus In The Bible

Preauricular sinus is a common birth defect that may be seen during a routine exam of a newborn. It generally appears as a tiny skin-lined hole or pit, often just in front of the upper ear where the cartilage of the ear rim meets the face. It may occur on one side (unilateral) or both sides (bilateral) of the ear.

Preauricular Sinus In The Bible

It is believed that all of the prophets of God in the bible all had preauricular sinus.

This is how you recognize those who have been called by God to become special messengers and his mouthpiece.

In the bible, a preauricular sinus is a sign that you have been chosen and anointed by God for a particular purpose.

In addition to this, the preauricular sinus is a sign of complete devotion to God. Such an individual has made a covenant with God before coming to the earth to become fully devoted to God.

This can also be a call to service. Even if you don’t have a preauricular sinus, seeing someone with a preauricular sinus can be a challenge of service and devotion to the lord.

Whenever you see someone with a preauricular sinus, it might be a message from the universe that you should live a life of total devotion to the lord.

1) You are special

Having a hole in the ear is a sign that you are special. I have spoken about this previously. I will not stress this much in this section.

However, if you have a hole in the ear, it is a sign that you are a special creature. You are not like every other person.

The universe has made you this way to serve as a sign that there is a spiritual side to life. Learn to appreciate this uniqueness and never be ashamed of it.

2) You can hear God clearly

This is a biblical message of having a hole in the ear. If you have a hole in the ear, then it means that you can hear God.

Therefore, expect to always hear the voice of God. If you learn how to amplify this special gift in you, you will observe that people will begin to come to you for spiritual consultations because of how accurate you will become in giving divine messages from God to men.

3) You are a medium

If you have a hole in the ear, then it is a sign that you are a medium and channel through which spirits can communicate.

Either they want to speak with you or with another person, you are an easy channel of communication.

4) You have supernatural abilities

Having a hole in the ear is a sign that you have supernatural powers and abilities on the inside of you. These abilities might not be fully blown at the moment.

However, whenever you realize that you have a hole in the ear, begin to pay attention to the abnormal things that will begin to happen to you.

You will begin to express some abilities that other people will marvel at.

Never stop displaying these abilities because it will be helpful for yourself and other people.

5) You are a center of attraction

If you have a hole in the ear, then you have to enlarge your capacity to accept a lot of people that will come into your life.

The reason for this is because those who have holes in their ears are believed to be some of the most attractive people in the universe.

It is believed that a lot of people will flock toward you to benefit from the abilities you have.

However, you have to be careful. You might fall into a trap if you are careless.

6) Wealth and Abundance

Having a hole in the ear is a sign that you are going to be wealthy. In the Yoruba tradition, it is believed that if you have a hole in the ear, it is a sign that you have a destiny for wealth.

This is also believed in the Ethiopian tradition. Therefore, if you have a hole in the ear, it is a sign that you are going to be very rich in your lifetime.

7) Be spiritually devoted

Having a hole in the ear is a challenge to you because you have to be spiritually devoted to the universe before you can fully harness the abilities you have.

This is very important. If you are going to enjoy all the supernatural powers and abilities you have, you have to be devoted to the spirits, so that they can use you for their divine purposes.

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