Praying together as a church

Praying together as a church: Why do we pray together as a church? Why not just each go off and pray by ourselves? That’s what I thought too. In fact, that was just my experience when I went to church growing up: people going up to the front to pray all quietly by themselves — which left me with no context for why we were praying. What’s so different about the way we pray together at [church name]? And how can we make prayer a more central part of our life together?

Have you ever wondered what Scripture teaches about church? There are so many unanswered questions that we have, like – Why should we pray together as a church? When should we pray together as a church? Who should be involved in praying together as a church? How can we pray together as a church? Maybe it’s time that you think about these questions and provide answers for your congregation.

If we choose not to pray, then we withhold an important aspect of being a part of a church. So if we choose together to pray, that means that the Spirit moves into our lives and binds us to God and one another in a loving embrace. I think this encouragement is one of many reasons why Paul mentions praying together so often in his letters.

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Praying together as a church

When we pray together as a church, we are able to experience God’s presence in new and powerful ways.

When we pray as a community of believers, our hearts are opened and we can be guided by the Holy Spirit. We can also experience the power of prayerful community.

When we pray together as a church, we are able to experience God’s presence in new and powerful ways.

The members of our church are a diverse group, and prayer is an important part of our lives. We believe that prayer is powerful, and we want to encourage you to be a part of it.

We invite you to join us in praying together as a church. Our prayers can be submitted via email, phone call, or text message so that we can all come together in solidarity around the power of prayer and our Lord’s will for us as His people.

Praying together as a church


I don’t know about you, but when I pray with other believers, I feel like my prayers are more powerful. And it’s not just my imagination; the Bible tells us that God hears the prayers of His people! Whether you’re a fan of corporate prayer or you haven’t yet tried it, here’s why praying together as a church is so important.

Praying together is Biblical

Prayer is an important part of the Christian life. It is not just something you do on your own, but it’s something that can be done with other believers as well. Prayer is a privilege and a responsibility: not only do we pray for our own needs but also those of others, including those in our church family. When we pray together as a church body we are expressing love for God and one another.

Praying together strengthens relationships

Praying together is a good way to express love and commitment. Praying together helps you get to know each other better, grow closer as a family, and grow closer as a church.

Praying together fosters spiritual growth

Praying together as a church

  • helps you learn to pray.
  • helps you learn to listen to God.
  • helps you depend on God, trust Him, and love Him more.

God loves it when His children pray together!

God loves it when His children pray together!

When we pray together, God is pleased. To pray with others is to represent the body of Christ, and this is important because God has given us a mandate to represent Him in this world. When we are praying with others, we are showing the world that we are united in our beliefs, our hopes and dreams for the future—and even more importantly: that He is in control of all things (Matthew 18:19).

We should also be praying together as families. Prayer helps build strong relationships between parents and children as well as between spouses. It unifies members of one family around shared values such as love of God or service to others


Corporate prayer is a beautiful thing. When God’s people gather together with one voice and heart to petition Him for the needs of others and His kingdom, we are strengthened in our relationship with each other and Him. And as an added bonus? It’s Biblical!

Making prayer a priority in your church not only encourages spiritual growth. It also fosters relationships between brothers and sisters in Christ, who can then take their newfound love and unity into the greater community around them.

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