Birthday Prayer For Him

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Dear Lord, I thank you for the gift of my son.

He is a wonderful man, and I pray that you will continue to bless him in all he does.

Help him to always listen to your voice, and guide him in his daily life.

I pray that you will protect him from harm, and help him to always make wise decisions.

Help us to always be there for each other when times get tough.

Thank you for the years we have had together so far, and may we have many more years ahead of us together as a family!

Birthday Prayer For Him


Dear God, As I celebrate the birthday of the love of my life, I pray that you bless him abundantly and fulfill all his heart desires. May you shower him with your abundant love, grace, mercy and forgiveness. Make him to realize how important he is to me and how much I adore him. Let all his needs be met by you. Bless him oh Lord!

A birthday prayer for my boyfriend

  • A Birthday Prayer For My Boyfriend

I pray that you will have a very special birthday. I pray that you will be blessed with many more years of life, happiness and love.

  • Birthday Prayer For My Lover

I pray that you will always walk in the light, it’s your light so shine it!

  • Birthday Prayers For The One I Love:

God bless my lover with a happy heart, everlasting peace and joy. May he/she be one who fears God and lives his/her life to please Him only; walking in His ways daily! Please help me to show him the love of Christ through my words and actions each day as we share our lives together on earth.

A birthday prayer for my lover

Birthday Prayer For Him

Happy Birthday to the love of my life. Thank you for being my best friend, for making me laugh and smile every day. I love you so much! I hope that you have a great birthday and that each year comes with more good times than bad. I wish you all the best in the world, and pray that on this day, your wishes come true!

Birthday prayers for the one I love

When you think of the one you love, what comes to mind? How much do you love him? How much care do you have for him? What is it that he brings out in your life?

Let’s start with how much respect there is between both of you.

You want to be able to trust and rely on each other, so how open are your hearts and minds when it comes to talking about important things in life such as faith, values or goals. Are there any fears that need resolving between the two of you? If so, are they from past wounds or current struggles?

It is important for us not only as individuals but also as couples because then we can share a common interest which strengthens our bond together through thick and thin!

Birthday prayers for the man I care about so much

Dear Lord,

As my boyfriend celebrates his birthday today, please bless him with good health and happiness. This great man has been a blessing to my life, and I want to thank you for bringing us together. Please help him to live long and be successful in everything he does. I ask that you guide him in his life and protect him from harm. And most of all, please make him a better person every day so that he can be an even bigger blessing than he already is! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”

A birthday prayer for him that I love so much

Birthday prayers for him that I love so much:

I pray that he will be blessed with a long life.

I pray that he will be healthy, wealthy and wise.

I pray that I can make him smile everyday of his life.

A birthday prayer for the man I care about so much:

God, please help me find a way to always love this man in a way that makes him feel like the most important person in my life.

A birthday prayer for my boyfriend that will make him cry:

God, please let this next year bring us closer together than ever before!

Happy Birthday Dear.


I wish you a very happy birthday.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

I hope you have a great birthday.

I hope you have a fantastic birthday.


I pray that you have a special birthday and that the Lord will bless you with all your heart desires. Happy Birthday Dear, I love you so much.

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