Prayer To Yemaya

A prayer to Yemaya is powerful and effective when making requests for supernatural help and in times of trouble. It will surely move the Ancient One to extend herself for our benefit.

Yemaya is a unique Goddess, who can do much more than heal emotional wounds. She is one of the very few compassionate and eccentric deities that know all about grief in all its forms. She is seen as a tender and caring woman, who does everything to support those whose lives have been deeply touched by agony. In return, she offers great healing powers for those who wish to bless and help others. She does it through the sympathetic link that exists between our world and her realm, that is the ocean.

Prayer to Yemaya, Mother of the Sea & All Creation. This prayer is for those who seek to hear the voice of the goddess in their lives, those who wish to grow closer to her and look to her as a guide.

A prayer to Yemaya, the goddess of abundance, fertility and fresh water. This spirit is an orisha (spirit or deity) in the Yoruba religion who makes possible the ‘baptism’ and reincarnation of souls.

Prayer To Yemaya

I don’t currently want a man, just a boat;
so what I want is a man with a boat,
with the man as vessel.
Maybe I want something easy
that can give me something hard
to have right now, a boat,

though a boat is, too, a vessel—
well, what I truly want is closeness
to the ocean, to feel the waves thump
up the stern like bumper cars.
The ocean is a vessel
and a vessel is a vassal

state, a mythic castle dungeon
captive craving ocean-scale mercy,
that vastest human freedom felt
face-up, at rest, afloat.
A human is akin to a boat
and, too, an ocean: both vessel

on the salt expanse
plus water itself,
splash which fills our flesh
and the rest of all this.
In the want of ocean closeness,
the ocean is a vessel.

The ocean, in all its depths—
its sunfish, anglers, trenches—
has limits on what it will hold
of our pour. It sings blues of time
and its steady draining out.
What I truly want is to see the sea

and feel young, boy in a boardwalk
bumper car right above tides ablaze
in Ferris wheel glows.
The ocean is a vessel I want so badly
to feel young, like a fresh, light-soaked
oil painting, only no oil, no junk at all.

Prayer To Yemaya

Oh! Queen mother of waters, great is her power, high is her strength and her light, for her children, as is the wisdom with which you rule all the oceans and seas.

With this prayer, I pray that the lady may come to my request to find love and to turn away from my course, enemies, and barriers and drown in me my fears.

My sorrow and grief did not come to my home! May her greatness be the enormous wealth you can spare me!

Whatever your name is, whatever beaches and coasts your waters kiss, whatever the incessant rhythm of your waves, your seas, my faith in you, I deposit, as part of God’s creation on earth.

That is why I ask you to find someone who loves me. I know that my supplication will be answered if it is just and well deserved.

You will always have my thanks! Hail, Yemaya!



Hail, Star of the Sea, most powerful goddess, the advocate of all the children who sail the troubled sea of life!

Mother protector entrusts to us your retinue of auxiliaries, mermaids, nymphs, to be our guides, protectors, powerful consolation, and encouragement during the storms of earthly life.

Yemaya, Blessed Mother of the Seas,
Let Your Sacred Waters wash over me.
Mother, embrace me, Your humble child.
Cleanse me, Nurture me, Sustain me.
Yemaya, Beautiful One.
You Who wears the Seven Skirts of the Seven Seas,
Swirl around me and create a flow of energy
that can wash away all bane.
Yemaya, Mistress of the Moon,
Shine Your light onto me,
And fill me with your magic.
Help me to accomplish my goals
Yemaya, Healing Ocean Mother
I ask You to fill me with Your Healing Energy
Let Your Cleansing Waters wash over me
Heal me with Your Regenerative Powers.

Strange clouds fragments of glory.
Invisioning glimmering stars of a story.
Commanding you among the goddesses of waters.
With your laughter, the storm you disarm.
With your kind word, you return the calm.
The breeze of the east brings you gentle life.
Goddess of the sea and the living waters.
Your cheek kissed the beautiful moon; and with
majesty and stars it filled your mind.
The waves carry beautiful roses,
which the waters will hide.
Their aromas are the hope that makes you,
the Goddess of the Sea.

As I stare at your picture, I feel the warmth and love of a mother. I know you are near protecting and guiding your children. I lower my head in respect and admiration; I ask you for your blessings. May God give you permission to cleanse my body and soul with your divine waters and may your divine light shine upon my Earthly path


Oh Divine Yemaya, “bring health and strength to those worthy to receive it. We hope, dear Lady, that through your intercession we receive what we ask for in prayer. Although we know that, because of our faults, we do not deserve what we ask for, we beg you nevertheless to answer our prayers. Amen.”

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