Prayer To Win Big Money

The great ones use prayer in their lives. The strong men and women who touch people’s lives with their ability to lead, inspire, and motivate, also pray to win big money. Prayer is the best investment you can make because it requires no money to start but pays off in abundance. Praying is a secret weapon that goes way beyond words. These people have done the research on prayer – They have tested it over and over again.

Prayer has the power to change what we have and desire. Prayer can make wonders happen in our life and that is an undeniable truth. Saying a prayer for something is not about forcefully asking for something, but rather about putting faith in the thought that whatever we want with all of our heart is going to come eventually. Sometimes the things we wish for take longer than expected.

I know you’ve heard that prayer works. You have seen people testify that after they prayed things got better. There are also a lot of people who claim to have received financial breakthroughs through prayer. These testimonies should serve as evidence to show you that you can surely win big money by keeping the right prayer on your lips.

We usually hear stories of people winning big prizes through a lottery. So why not be in their shoes? Play the lucky stars and win big money. These prayers will solve your problems related to luck and winning big money.

Prayer To Win Big Money

Do you ever find yourself struggling to know what to pray for? You want to make prayer part of your daily routine, but you feel like you are repeating yourself. You want to freshen things up.

You are not alone. For many Christians, prayer can sometimes feel dry or stale. Prayer is talking with someone who loves you deeply and knows you intimately, so it might be hard to admit or deal with when the conversation has seemed to dry up. Part of the problem can also be the temptation to see prayer as talking to God rather than talking with Him.

But everyone goes through times when praying feels like walking uphill. So we’ve created this list of things you can pray for when you need a little inspiration. Each item on the list comes with a verse from the Bible to shape your thinking and an example of how you might pray in response.

You will find what you seek. Knock on God’s door through prayer and he will answer. ~ Matthew 7:7

If you’re looking for prosperity but debt is piling up. When you just can’t seem to cut a break, use the influence of prayer. Never underestimate the power of a single prayer, an earnest invocation can transform your life.

We’ve all heard the stories of finances being turned around and prayers being answered even in the darkest of times. A prayer to win big money should be used as a way to fulfil your affirmation with god. Remember how he works and follow his teachings with the example prayers below.

Prayer To Win Big Money

You are in charge.
You can do anything you want.
I am your most loyal servant,
good and faithful.
Ready for a new task.
Ready to take care of your wealth.
Ready to grow it.
Give according to my ability.
I’ve been faithful with a few things.
Make me a ruler of many things.
Leave me 5 bags of gold.
I will turn it into 10.
Reveal your trust in me.
Show me a sign.
Let me win the lottery.
Let me prove my worth.
Let me bring you glory.
You say that whoever has,
will be given more.
Whoever does not have,
will have it taken from them.
I have all I need in Jesus Christ.
Please give me more.
In your name I pray.

“For in Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through Him and for Him.” (Colossians 1:16)

Why it matters

Praising God for who He is is a part of prayer.

The verse above is a reminder about who you are communicating with when you decide to pray to God. You are not just talking with some kind of spiritual force that cannot be named. How would you have a conversation with something like that?

When you pray, you want to be confident that the One you bring your deepest hopes, ambitions, regrets and fears to can be trusted with them. Since God created all things through and for Himself, He alone has the power to hear all our prayers and answer them. So it is appropriate and important when you pray to start by acknowledging Who you are talking with and what makes Him unique.

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