Prayer To Venus

Prayer to Venus is a very small prayer that was written only in two content, which is to gain the love and attention of your beloved one. Even both these prayers are related to each other, though they are simple yet effective, providing positive results as well.

Venus is the second planet from the Sun, orbiting it every 224.7 Earth days. Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus is the second brightest natural object in the night sky (after the Moon). It is also referred to as the “morning star” or “evening star”. Because Venus orbits within Earth’s orbit, it never appears to venture far from the Sun: its elongation reaches a maximum of 47.8°. The planet shows phases similar to those of the Moon.

There’s a woman named Venus so beautiful that men were willing to die for her. It’s a legend, but it’s not about a woman like her. This is about another woman who’s not just beautiful, but she was worshipped and adored as an idol. There is no doubt that Venus did exist in ancient times and she was loved by everyone. Her story has been passed through the centuries, particularly amongst Catholic priests and students of mythology.

Dear Holy and glorious Goddess Venus. I wish to thank you for all your gifts, which I have been using lately. First of all, thank you for bringing me the love of my dreams. Not only are your spells powerful but also very fast working, I am so grateful to you that it is hard to express in words. I literally believed in love spells before and thought they were just a myth but now when I look at my happy relationship as a proof and my friends asking whether he had begged me or was I the one begging him, I laugh at this thought. And this wouldn’t be possible without your highly appreciated help.

Prayer To Venus

Venus is the Goddess of love in all its guises, as well as fertility, regeneration and divine protection from harm, for she is a life-giver. Ancient sources suggest that the offerings that most please her are roses, mint, myrtle, garlands of flowers, wine* and incense. As she is a maternal Goddess, milk** is also a suitable offering, perhaps even more so if mixed with crushed poppy and honey removed from the comb (Ovid recommends that newly wed women should drink this mixture in honour of Venus), or with a small amount of rose water added. More elaborate offerings might include baked goods in the shape of a dove, a horned ram or a bull (these animals were sacrificed to her in ancient Rome); golden jewellery, especially necklaces, and pearls may also please the Goddess. During rituals in her honour, it is traditional for worshippers to wear white if possible, and to cover their heads (capite velato), as it is when praying to most Roman Gods. Prayers should be made with open palms (manu supina) and respect for her images is well conveyed by blowing a kiss in their direction. 

Here follows several prayers to Venus. I wrote the first (though it is heavily influenced by Boyle and Woodard’s translation of Ovid’s Fasti), as well as the third (derivative of Melvilles’ translation of Lucretius), and the seventh (inspired by the Orphic Hymn to Aphrodite). 

Prayer To Venus

O blessed Queen of Heaven, celestial Venus, who in the beginning of the world did join all kinds of things with an engendered love, by an eternal propagation of life, now worshipped within the Temple of the Isle of Paphos; You who is worshipped in divers manners, and does illuminate all the borders of the earth by Your feminine shape, You which nourishes all the fruits of the world by Your vigor and force; with whatsoever name or fashion it is lawful to call upon You, I pray You end my great travail and misery, and deliver me from the wretched fortune, which has for so long a time pursued me. Grant peace and rest if it please You to reply to my entreaties, for I have endured too much labor and peril.

Horcae Carmina 1.30.1-8

Come to us Venus, O Queen of Cnidos and Paphos, leave Cyprus, though the isle is dear to You, come instead to where the incense is thick and Glycera sings to You, that you may transfer Your home to a new shrine among us. Bring along for Your company desirous Cupid, loose- girdled Graces and Nymphs, youthful Juventus and Mercury, who without You are graceless.

Horcae Carmina 4.1.1-2

After so long a time, do You once more disturb my peace of mind with desires? Spare me, Venus, I pray, I beg of You!

Laevius FPR fr. 26

Therefore adoring You as though You were nurturing Venus Herself, whether You are female, or whether You are male, even so, Illuminating the Night, You are a nurturing Moon.

Lucretius De Rerum Natura 1.1-9

Venus Genetrix, charmer of gods and mankind, nurturing Mother, beneath the starry signs that glide through the night, You enliven the ship-bearing seas and the fruitful earth, since it is through You that all things are conceived and animated into life to behold the Light of Day. Goddess, for You the winds make way, the heavenly clouds open at Your coming, the miraculous earth greets You with sweet scented flowers, for You the surface of the seas laugh, and the peaceful heavens glisten in luminescence.

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