Prayer To Thor

In the Norse Myths, Thor is worshiped as a god of thunder, strength and destruction. Thor was one of the 12 gods in Asgard and the son of Odin – chief god. The original name of Thor was Raiden, which meant stirring drum. Traditionally, the Norse would beat a drum to raise an army against any potential enemy.

The Norse God Thor was known for using his ferocious power to defend the Gods and all of humanity from its greatest enemies. Thunderous clouds of war gathered above the battlefield, then boiled furiously down across the field as battlefields split apart in the fury of Thor’s wrath.

It is important to remember that the Vikings were not Christians. They believed in many gods and often prayed to them before battle to tell their gods to make them victorious. If you look closely enough at Viking graves or other findings from the time, you will find many wooden carvings of pagan gods. It is thought that the Vikings sacrificed animals on altars and made vows and offerings to the gods.

There are surprisingly few words that describe this print – and it’s not just because I’m trying to be succinct. Prayer to Thor consists of five (or more) pages of a handwritten, plagiarised-looking pop-culture essay about the Norse thunder god and his hammer Mjölnir. You need have no prior knowledge of Viking mythology or even the Marvel comics character of the same name to get that this is going to be a very funny, very interesting read.

Prayer To Thor

Thunder rolls, lightning strikes,

And the hammer flies across the sky.

God of the weather, chariot of the storm,

Master of rain and torrents,

Son of the strength of Mother Earth,

I ask you to grant me that strength for myself.

You who are so great that you cannot walk

Across the Rainbow Bridge without breaking it,

You whose tree is the mighty oak,

O Thunor, grant me that unending sturdiness.

Let me not break beneath the blows of misfortune.

Keep me from being crushed when the powerful

Stomp their large feet on the smaller ones below.

You who are the guardian of the common man,

You who care for the farmers and workers,

Look upon me here in this place where I am

Only one of many, and protect my steps.

Make me resilient and mighty as your own arm,

Make me unbreakable, you who are Friend of Man.

I ask for one small percentage of the vigor

Of the right arm of the Thunderer,

That I might brave the tempest

And stand firm in the gales.

Thunder rolls, lightning strikes,

And the hammer flies across the sky.

Prayer To Thor

Son of Odin and Earth,
God of Thunder.
My friend, and Guardian of my family.
Thank you very much for blessing and protecting
My family
My house
My property
and my business.
Thank you very much for my family.

I offer this prayer to Thor and to the Goddess Sif.
Hail to You, Holy Ones.
Hail to You, Protectors of Midgard,
Hail to You, Son of Odin and Hail to You,
His gleaming Bride.

You hallow and drive out all pollution.
You are mighty. There is no malignant force
that You cannot banish. There is no threat,
You cannot overcome.
You are magnificent and Your grace
protects me in the face of evil.

Mighty Thor, wise, compassionate Friend of humanity,
look upon us and wield Your hammer for our protection.
Gracious Sif, You Whose gentle touch causes the grain to grow,
please nourish us, restore us, and grant us the fortitude
to walk in alignment with the Holy Powers always.

Through Your blessings, may we grow strong in faith.
through Your blessings may we grow strong in devotion.
Through Your blessings, may we always resist impiety,
may we be nourished as the grain is nourished
under Your caring hands.

In times of peril, come to our aid, I pray.
In times of desperation, I place myself under Your care.
Hail Thor, Son of Odin.
Hail Sif, His Gracious Bride.

Hail Thor

Protector of Midgardr

God of Thunder and Strength

Son of Odin and Jord

You who resides in Bilskirnir

You defender of mankind

Protector of farmers

Slayer of Jotuns and Trolls

You who wields the mighty Mjolnir

I honour you

Hail Thor

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