Prayer To The Virgin Mary For A Miracle

Prayer to the Virgin Mary for a miracle is a free tool to change everything in your life. It will give you health, love happiness and success in your life. Prayer to Mary is God’s gift. This powerful prayer is formulated according to the Scriptures that give divine power and blessings.

A miracle is a very rare occurrence, however there are those miracles known as Miraculous Signs that do occur. These signs have to do with physical aspects of the body such as blood and tears. God does not produce miracles for the masses but instead for a select chosen few who serve His purpose or are positioned in the public eye………

Our virgin mary prayers come from our rich tradition when families and communities unite to pray for their love ones and friends. The first catholic prayer recorded in the Bible, began with the words “Our Father”. Since then, the way we see God or rather our perception of who He is has changed very little.

The Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, is all-powerful as the God who gave birth to her. She is the perfect description of a true mother: patient, compassionate, gentle and can turn tears into smiles. If you are in trouble or are sorrowful, or feel helpless and hopeless; if you just need someone to listen to your problems or maybe you just want someone who will look into your eyes and say everything will be okay; if you need comfort for your troubled heart and ask for comfort for the rest of your life then there is no better friend than Our Blessed Mother.

Prayer To The Virgin Mary For A Miracle

Hail, Mary, full of grace,

the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women

and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

pray for us sinners,

now and at the hour of our death. 


Prayer To The Virgin Mary For A Miracle

Oh most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity.
O Star of the Sea, help me and show me here you are my mother.

Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech Thee from the bottom of my heart to secure me in my necessity.
(Make your request)

There are none that can withstand your power.
O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.
(repeat three times)

Holy Mary, I place this cause in Your hands.

The Rosary Hail Mary

Praying the rosary is an act of faith and sacrifice. It involves meditating on the life of Christ in the form of its Mysteries. There are at least five prayers that are said when praying the rosary, and most of it, said ten times in each mystery, is the Hail, Mary. In this prayer, Mama Mary is cherished as blessed for having carried Jesus in her womb, and the second half of the prayer, the beseecher asks the Virgin Mary to “pray for us, sinners, now and at the hour of our death.” The _Hail Mary _is one of the most familiar prayer to Catholics, and is often the one that is said immediately when there is a sudden need for help and assistance.

The Rosary Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

On special Catholic feast days, as well as when someone is praying for a miracle, the Litany of the Blessed Virgin may also be said. This prayer is also known as the Litany of Loreto after the Shrine of Our Lady in Loreto, Italy, where this prayer was first recited. The Litany involves a call and response chanting of the many titles of the Virgin Mary, which is often done in a group or congregation. Saying the prayer in a group lends strength and reassurance as each person say their petitions to Mama Mary silently in their hearts.

The Memorare

In this prayer, the person who prays says that they have confidence that Mother Mary will help because anyone who “has sought refuge, implored for help, or sought intercession” will be aided and responded to. This act of faith is often said in challenging times, when divine assistance needed in haste, such as when a loved one is sick or the one who prays has come into trouble.

Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes

In 1858, the Virgin Mary appeared to 14-year-old girl in Lourdes, France. A nearby spring became a source of healing water, and miracles were reported to have occurred, such as the healing of the sick and the answer to long-desired wishes. The grotto in Lourdes later became a major Marian pilgrimage site, and the Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes also invokes the same petition to make a miracle come true.

Prayer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel

This prayer is part of a novena that is said in times of need. A novena is a prayer said for nine consecutive days, often after praying the rosary. In the Prayer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the petitioner asks Mama Mary for assistance in their time of need. The request is said in the middle of the prayer, with the supplicant declaring their trust and faith that the VIrgin Mary will help them.

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