Prayer To The Cross

A prayer to the cross is a basic prayer, which is used by many Christians of the Catholic tradition. It is a form of sacrifice. All the time, there are many devout Catholics who believe that praying this prayer for their direction in life is great. Every time you pray this prayer, it will give you anything you need in life to make your life interesting as well as protected from any harm or danger.

The Prayer to the Cross is a beautiful prayer. It has 6 verses, each beginning with the phrase “Jesus Christ”. The first verse holds the same words as a well-known praise song “Lamb of God” by Newsboys. If you have heard this song, you don’t have to wait until you are in trouble; start praying it every day. This will help you develop an intimacy with Jesus Christ because you will be familiar with the wording when your life takes a sudden turn and you need Him most. This page gives the Prayer along with its meaning and appropriate Bible references for further learning.

In life, there are two sides to one coin. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was one of the most significant events in human history because it allowed for the redemption of mankind. Through the sacrifices and atonement made for our sins, we can be forgiven for our wrongdoings. We are all well aware of what Jesus’ life consisted of, but many do not know about his crucifixion and its impact on religion. Throughout this essay I will be explaining why Jesus’ crucifixion is so important while also recounting Biblical accounts of the crucifixion and analyzing them regarding their validity as sources.

Sometimes the best way to show I am grateful is by the manner of my prayers. The true character of a man is seen in his prayer life and in his attitude before God. As this is so, my heart is lifted with gratitude daily as I humbly present myself before the Cross and gaze upon His love as He suffered for me.

Prayer To The Cross

Father, into your hands I commend my spirit. Luke 23:46

One of the most profound and transforming prayers we could ever pray is given to us today as the response to our Psalm: “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” These words were, of course, spoken by our Lord as He hung upon the Cross and prepared to breathe His last. But they are also words that echoed throughout the earthly life of Jesus, and they continue to echo from the divine heart of our Lord in Heaven for all eternity. “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”

This prayer is a prayer of surrender to the perfect will of the Father in Heaven, which was the one and only mission of Jesus as He lived upon earth. His only goal was to fulfill the Father’s will, and this was done by His continual surrender of His life to the Father. But Jesus’ surrender to the Father in Heaven did not end as He died upon the Cross. His surrender to the Father is an eternal reality. He continually gives Himself to the Father with perfect love. This is Heaven. Heaven is an eternal unity of the Most Holy Trinity. It’s an eternal giving of the Father to the Son and the Son to the Father. This perfect giving and receiving of love between the Father and the Son spirates the Holy Spirit Who proceeds from them both.

Prayer To The Cross

THIS prayer was found in the Sepulchre of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the year 803 and was sent by the Pope to the Emperor Charles on the evening of his departure as he went to battle for his safety.WHOEVER reads or hears it read or wears it on him will never die a sudden death nor be drowned or burn or any poison affect him or be a prisoner of war or be vanquished. And if it be read over any woman in labour pain she shall be delivered safely and when the child is born, let her place this prayer on the right side of the child and it shall never he troubled by any misfortune. Whoever carries this prayer with him, will never have an epileptic attack and if you see anyone having fits, place this prayer on his right side and he will be cured immediately.

WHOEVER writes this prayer for himself or for others, I will bless him, says the Lord, but whoever mocks or laughs at it will suffer. Believe this for certain, when this prayer is in the house, the house will be safely guarded of thunder and lightning, and whoever reads this prayer daily will be warned three days before his death.

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