Prayer To Tara

Tara is the Buddhist Goddess of compassion, mercy, and wisdom. A popular deity in Tibet, Tara enjoys a wide following throughout many cultures. Typically depicted with a one thousand eyes, and sitting in a lotus flower (the flower of enlightenment), Tara is also revered as the savior and protector of all beings who are threatened by darkness.

Tara, the bodhisattva of compassion, is a deity found in both the Tibetan and Chinese Buddhist pantheon. In Tibetan Buddhism, Tara is one of the six female bodhisattvas, who represent tantric wisdom. Tara is known as the Saviouress from the north and her images depict her leading a four-horse chariot, with each horse representing an aspect of her enlightened activity; blue for Lotus birth, white for happiness, red for sacred marriage (union), and black for victory over death. The practice of reciting Tara’s name has become deeply embedded in Tibetan culture, even for those who are not Buddhist.

Requesting the Tara mantra is a great way to meditate and have a moment of peace. Tara is the manifestation of compassion, love, patience and kindness. She is a Goddess revered in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The Church Of Light Calendar and Prayer Practices recommends that people pray to Tara when they are feeling overwhelmed or lost.

The Buddhist Deity Tara is the female (Asian) equivalent of the bodhisattva, Avalokiteshvara. Tara is a.k.a. Jetsun Dolma, Tare Lhamo and Dipamkari. Tara is known as the “heroine of rescue,” allowing herself to suffer so that she can help others.

Prayer To Tara

From my heart I bow to Divine Mother Tara, essence of love and compassion, the most precious objects of refuge gathered into one. From now until I reach enlightenment, hook me with your great love and kindness to liberate me.

By the witness of the Three Jewels, not just from my mouth but from the depths of my innermost heart and bones, I pray to you morning and evening. Show your blissful face to me, Loving One. Grant me the nectar of your speech.

Great gurus and small gurus cheat us with their made-up teachings, selling Dharma, teaching without comprehension, not observing who is qualified and who is not, being concerned about their own happiness and the eight worldly concerns. Since I can no longer trust friends of this degenerate age, you are my principal guru. Inspire me, Divine Mother, essence of love. Arouse the great power of your compassion and think of me.

I take refuge in you, Tara; like you, no Buddha could ever deceive me. But understanding the odd character of these times, most Buddhas have gone into the bliss of nirvana. Even though they have great compassion, we have no connection. Since for me there are no other deities, you are my principal deity. Bestow realizations upon me, Divine Mother, essence of love. Arouse the great power of your compassion and think of me.

Most Dharma protectors do not show their powers. Tired of those who invoke them, they do not act. Other protectors, lacking insight but proud of their power, may be friendly for a while but will later do me harm. Since I cannot rely on other protectors, you are my principal protector. With divine action, Wisdom Mother, essence of love, arouse the great power of your compassion and think of me.

To ordinary view the names of objects are the same as their meaning. Like this, they produce afflictions and bind us to samsara. When it is time to die, unless I understand the true nature, could a wish-fulfilling gem enable me to carry even a sesame seed with me? Since I do not trust in illusions, you are my real richness. Please grant my desires, Divine Mother, essence of love. Arouse the great power of your compassion and think of me.

I cannot rely on non-virtuous friends for even a day. They pretend to be close to me and all the while have in mind the opposite. They are friends when they wish it and enemies when they don’t. Since I cannot trust in this kind of friend, you are my best friend. Be close to me, Divine Mother, essence of love. Arouse the great power of your compassion and think of me.

You are my guru, my yidam, my protector, my refuge, my food, my clothes, my possessions and my friend. Since your divine quality is everything to me, let me spontaneously achieve all that I wish.

Although I am overwhelmed by my habitual, uncontrolled mind, please cut these self-centered thoughts so I will be able to give my body and my life millions of times without difficulty to each sentient being. Inspire me to be able to develop this kind of compassion to benefit all.

Empower me to cut the root of samsara, self-grasping, and to understand the pure doctrine, the most difficult middle way free from the errors of extremes.

Inspire me to practice as a bodhisattva, turning away from what is worldly, dedicating all my virtues to teaching living beings, never for even one instant thinking of just my own happiness. Let me wish to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all.

Empower me to actualize as much as possible the most subtle vows and to keep them without a careless mind, thus becoming the most perfect bodhisattva.

Outwardly, let me be simple in my practice, while inwardly, actualize the depth of the diamond vehicle with the strong wish to practice the two stages. Inspire me to attain enlightenment quickly for the benefit of all.

Divine Wisdom Mother Tara, you know everything about my life—my ups and downs, my good and bad. Think lovingly of me, my only mother.

I give myself and all who trust in me to you, Divine Wisdom Mother Tara. Being completely open to you, let us be born in the highest pure land. Set me there quickly with no births in between.

May the hook of your compassion and your skillful means transform my mind into Dharma and transform the minds of all beings, whoever they are. They have all been my mother, the mother of one unable to follow the Conqueror’s teachings.

By reciting this prayer three times a day and by remembering Divine Wisdom Mother Tara, may I and all beings who are connected to me reach whatever pure land we wish.

May the Three Jewels and especially the Divine Wisdom Mother, whose essence is compassion, hold me dear until I reach enlightenment. May I quickly conquer the four negative forces.

If, as long as you live, you recite this prayer three times every day, not just from the mouth (in words only) but strongly linked with your mind, you will have close connection and will see Tara’s face. No hindrances will be experienced and all wishes will be fulfilled. You will have a close relationship with all Buddhas and bodhisattvas, and they will hold you dear. If you recite the Homage to the Twenty-one Taras and this prayer, you will attain the Divine Liberating Mother.

Prayer To Tara

Compassionate Mother Tara
I respectfully prostrate at your perfect feet and present to you clouds of a countless variety of offerings.

Beloved Tara
Please look upon me with kindness
May I speak clearly to be worthy of your ear
Please consider this request made for all suffering in forms that walk on four to many legs
Because of their present state, they cannot know of your perfect wisdom and compassion.

Compassionate Companion Tara
These ignorant beasts remain in suffering by the force of their karma
Their past non-virtuous deeds have ripened and come to bear bitter fruit upon their body, speech, and mind.

Excellent Loving Mother Tara
We have all wandered in this vast ocean of cyclic existence in many forms, each with its own unique brand of suffering.
Let us realize how precious this human form is and the life experience that is now our good fortune to live.
Let none waste a moment waiting and listening for the wind to rush into a place where any object, emotion, desire and so on ceases to be.

Consider those named beasts of burden
Let not their toil and strife go unvisited
Or allow that suffering to migrate into another lifetime of such pain
Cause them to be upright

Consider those named a human’s best friend
Let not their tender unconditional ways go unnoticed
Cause them to be upright

Let not those that we swat away, trample on, and willfully extinguish be forgotten down to the tiniest one
Cause them to be upright

Please hear me Loving Tara
Let any virtuous deeds these beings might have performed even in lives eons past ripen and surge forth
Let their rebirths make them upright and alert, ready to be a vessel for the Dharma

Let us be mindful, considerate, and compassionate to those in much
lesser forms with no less painful state of being than our own.
When all we have left in this precious human life that we are so
fortunate to experience is Love.
Cause us, Loving Mother Tara, to be wise enough in being upright,
To give that love away

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