Prayer To St Pancratius

St Pancratius, you set a shining example of Christian holiness by your life. As a Roman centurion, you prayed for the salvation of the world, and your prayers were answered. Through your intercession, I beg for God’s grace to lead me in my vocations as well as in my private life. Grant that I may always remember to pray for those whom I love.

Saint Pancratius, Patron Saint of Prisoners, help me to fight my fear of confinement. Help me to remember that when I am called upon to face a challenge or some test of endurance, Your blessed heart beats with mine and You will enable me to bear it with courage and faith.

Prayer to St Pancratius, Under your guidance I pray that I will feel the presence of the Lord in all my actions. He has given me his grace to heal the sick and to help those in need. Help me to be of service today and always in humility.

Saint Pancratius , you are my patron saint and will always be. I remember when my friend Gus, who was a novice sculptor, made a beautiful Pieta and he wanted to honor you in your study of sculpture. Now, you may be wondering how on earth Gus knew of you and how on earth your name got attached to the word sculpture. But if you do know the story, then you must also know that your patronage of sculptors is well-deserved because of what happened next.

Prayer To St Pancratius

To this day, there is evidence that Saint Pancras has been venerated throughout the centuries, as well as the miracles he has worked and it is believed that the prayers dedicated to him, in relation to work, money, love, health, and countless other issues are very effective. We have no news of the exact time when worship of him began, but after he came, he has brought happiness, bliss and prosperity to his followers.

The reputation of this saint is excellent, as well as that of his prayers of Saint Pancras, for which he has been transformed into a symbol of good fortune, because his devotion has been greatly extended throughout the world and in each home it can be seen that he has at least one follower.

Prayer To St Pancratius

Venerable Saint Pancratius, kind young man, childlike soul you still have but your heart has matured and is dedicated to helping adults in their time of greatest need.

I know that you are the employer of people in a situation of poverty or with labor problems and that’s why I come to you on this occasion.

I ask you, St. Pancras, to listen to my supplications to realize the business of my dreams. God knows how hard I’ve tried to achieve a favorable result and understand the business I’ve been planning for some time.

I have done everything with honesty and dedication, I have never fallen into sin, mistreatment, corruption or lies to get what I have today, and that is why I ask you to help me improve my business.

I beg you to protect my business, my belongings, my property, and my money. Please keep away from me, any person who wants to take advantage of my earnings or who wants to deceive me with false and malicious business.

Sir, allow Saint Pancratius to grant me the protection I need. My business deserves to prosper, and I will only be able to do it with your hand and your support, God.


Prayer to St. Pancratius and parsley

Kind child, son of God. I come to you on this occasion to ask you for the salvation of my soul just as God saved yours, Our Lord, at the moment of your wrongful death.

You fought against original sin and took the teachings of the Lord into your heart to share them with the rest of the heathen.

Today I offer you this water and several branches of parsley in honor of the martyrdom you had to suffer when you were barely 15 years old. Your death was not in vain because God gave you the gift of healing and the protection of believers.

You will live forever at the side of the Lord to continue to spread his word of healing.

Therefore I beg you, St. Pancras, to receive this offering of parsley in exchange for the protection of my loved ones and my own.

I hope that with your protective mantle, you will shelter my home and offer us financial and economic security in the face of the great adversities that the world is experiencing today.

Love us as your children. Please give us the union we so desperately need. It protects our home and our business because they are the sustenance of our family life.


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