Prayer To Secure My Job

All human beings face problems every now and then that may make us feel more than just helpless. In such a situation, finding the person with whom you can share your troubles and get help can be really difficult. When people are face to face they can try praying to God and ask him to solve their problems. But in present times, people have the option of taking matters in their own hands instead of relying on God almighty. Praying is never to be taken lightly because it has got its own great importance in everyone’s life.

Life is uncertain, and today you are worried that you are not able to provide employment to your family. You hate being unemployed and it hurts you to see your family suffer because of this.

This prayer is to allow one to secure employment. This is a prayer that is meant for those who have had difficulty in securing employment. In the midst of this, remember to ask God to give you the desire of your heart, and be patient as he answers your prayers according to his perfect timing.

During trying times, it can be hard to know where to turn. You feel lost and alone, you may not have any direction to go in life. This is when many people turn to prayer, even though they have done so their whole life. Prayer allows a person to focus on the positive, and rethink their purpose in life. It allows us to connect with one single higher power that we can all access at anytime of the day

Prayer To Secure My Job

The topic of finances and work can be a constant worry to some because it makes up such a large part of our daily lives. There is stress in not making enough money, fear in losing a job, jealousy in seeing someone else’s accomplishments when you’ve worked just as hard, and weariness in a taxing, underappreciated position. Sometimes you just want to quit and do something else. Other times you need something, anything to support yourself and your family; yet, opportunities seem scarce.

Whether you’re miserable at your current job or are unemployed and searching, your first reaction may be to try and take control of the situation. When we try to control the situation ourselves, we tend to get stressed easily and may begin to feel down when we don’t see the results we want. What we need to do is to take our impatience, our longing for blessing, our desire to support loved ones, and our hurt from the workplace and put it at the feet of the only One who is in control—Jesus, our sovereign Savior and King. 

Prayer To Secure My Job

Protection for Those on the Frontlines during Public Health Crisis Prayer
Heavenly Father, as sickness spreads across our country, I ask for safety and protection for my coworkers and myself. We are on the frontlines and handling sick people on a daily basis. Father, as many precautions as we take, the chances of us getting sick too are high, and that is a scary reality to be in. I pray for Your hedge of protection that is safer than any earthly precaution we could take. Calm our fears. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

Trust in the Face of Public Health Crisis Prayer
Lord Jesus, I am fearful of this public health crisis. I am doing my best to stay healthy, but as worldwide fear grows, so does mine. I am still expected to go into work as normal, even though so many others are being ordered to work from home. What if I get sick? What if my co-workers pass something along to me? God, keep me safe. I pray for the strength to trust in You in the face of fear and the discernment to know what fear is real and what is overstated. Thank You, God. Amen.

Continue Essential Job Without Fear Prayer During Public Health Crisis
Compassionate Father, my job is essential to the well-being of others, and I am proud to be able to give to my friends, family, community, and country. I know that what I am doing needs to be done and can help many people. Still, that does not take away the risk and dangers that come with what I do. That does not take away the fear I feel and the worry I have about endangering myself. Father, protect me from the sickness and danger around me. Keep me safe and able to keep doing my job without fear of infection. Thank You, God. Amen.

Safety from Illness at Work Prayer
Father God, my immune system is not the most reliable or strong. Because of that, it is very easy for me to get sick from someone else. God, while at work, please keep me safe and healthy. I am in close quarters with my co-workers, and I ask for Your protection against germs and illness. Lord, my body is weak, but You are strong. Please keep me healthy. Amen.

Job Security Prayer
Christ Jesus, I am fearful of my work environment. I don’t feel safe around certain co-workers and do not feel confident in the security of my job position. Others are trying to sabotage my authority and success, God, and I am not sure how to handle this. I pray for Your assistance and protection. Please help me not fall into fear or act out of these insecurities. Even in my worries, God, help me continue to treat all with love and respect as I trust that You will keep my position safe. Amen.

Prayer for Military Members Who Serve
Most Holy God, I ask that You keep me safe as I leave to serve my country and fight for the freedom of my people. I am nervous because there will be danger lurking all around me, but I know that You will be with me in danger. In the fear, Lord, help me throw off all the distractions and keep my eyes fixed on You. I pray, God, that You keep me safe enough that I can go home when this all over. Return me to my family, God. Amen.

Protection from Danger in Job Prayer
Lord Jesus, I have never been fearful of my job until now. I love what I do and being able to risk my life for others. Usually, this risk excites me and makes me feel like I am living in Your call to lay down my life for a neighbor. However, I have a family and people depending on me, and now I am scared for them and how something happening to me would affect them. Be with me, God. I ask for Your safety, Your protection, and Your strength. Help me not be afraid but feel secure in You. Amen.

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