Prayer To San Ramon

San Ramon, a Santero came to the house of his students in Cuba. He prayed for them and left, but before doing that he gave his students appropriate advice. Seven days later, someone died in the house. And after seven years, someone else was dead. A widow, who was childless, came to San Ramon asking him what she would receive from God as a gift. He said: “For 30 days you will not sleep with your husband because every night you will have nightmares. “Asked why this happened to her, she answered that she had slept with her husband during those seven days when San Ramon prayed for her family.

Prayer To San Ramon is a powerful and effective prayer. This prayer to Saint Raphael is intended for healing. While other angels are known for their power, Saint Raphael must be respected as the Angel of Healing.

San Ramon is one of the more relatable saints. When having a conversation with your boss, you can compare him to San Ramon as he is likely to display traits like patience, empathy and a tendency for rational solutions. Having this God, who wields a sharp blade at times readily available in case you need to slay the dragon; or, if your boss is not a dragon (and the story is apocryphal), then he would certainly whip up some good medicine should a sting be on the horizon. There are plenty of reasons to pray to San Ramon today.

San Ramon, we thank you for the food, for the nourishment of our bodies with which you sustain us. We thank you for the air that we breathe and the water that we drink. We thank you for the gifts of life itself … Thou is the God of all good gifts from above, from within and from all around us. Through you, may we always find sustenance and solace. Amen.

Prayer To San Ramon

The prayer to San Ramón Nonato is very powerful due to the great disposition that the spirituality of that saint has always had for the help of others. Usually, his prayers are used to request his intervention to protect pregnant women, unborn children from dangers, or to get out of unfair and difficult situations. His miracles are known in many parts of the world, so he enjoys a large number of devotees and followers.

Ramón Nonato was born into a noble family in a town near Barcelona, ​​called Portell, which belonged to the ancient Crown of Aragon in Spain, in the year 1200 AD. He was a Mercedarian Catholic priest. He bears the name of San Ramón “Nonato” because he was taken from the womb of his deceased mother by the Viscount of Cardona, who using the cesarean section technique saved his life, bringing him into the world. The epithet “nonnatus” in Latin means: not born.

He was canonized by Pope Alexander VII in 1657, and his feast day is established on August 31. Due to his extensive cult, there are many cities and sanctuaries with his name around the world, in places such as: Spain, Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, El Salvador, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, United States , among others. San Ramón Nonato is known as a very prodigious saint.

Prayer To San Ramon

Memorable Saint Ramón Nonato, I come before you to intercede for me.

you who had a shining life and protected by God.

I ask you to intercede right now for me and for my intentions.

our neighbor needs holy homes,

that they be aware of their commitment to Our Lord God.

We also need children who look at the world with eyes irradiated with love,

and turn your eyes away from hatred and evil.

We want to make the world a better place,

where all human beings are one family,

where they are loved and love God.


Prayer to ask for your protection

Pray this prayer so that San Ramón Nonato protects you.

Oh! Admirable Saint Ramon,

by whose power our Lord God ruled the earth and its elements,

Health and illness,

Life and death,

Finding in your powerful mediation,

protector of women,

Defender of the slandered,

Port to the castaways

Release to the captives

sight to the blind

And end all evils;

For your desire to receive the Blessed Sacrament,

Which was given by Jesus Christ

Through your blessed hands

In Holy Communion,

I ask you to intercede for me

To deserve this heavenly treat

And receive it by Eucharist at the end of my life,

And especially that you can get

The special favor I ask of you

And the perpetual happiness of glory.


Prayer to Saint Ramón Nonato for families

Pray to San Ramón Nonato to protect your loved ones at all times with this prayer.

God Almighty,

 the family and man are the most remote institution of humanity.

Through the glorious and powerful intercession of your servant San Ramón Nonato,

Defense Attorney For Happiness In Heaven,

defender also of the well-being and peace of families,

we ask you with devotion

hear our pleas.

 By virtue of this admired Saint,

our pattern,

grants that households

always have as an example

to the Holy Family of Nazareth.


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