Prayer For Worrying

Prayer For Worrying: We have all had worries in our lives. And most of us have wished at one time or another that we could get rid of them. Numberless people have prayed, countless people have fasted, countless souls have wasted their strength, but with the same result — their worries did not leave them, and their lives did not get any better. Even when a miracle happens and a person’s prayer is answered at once and the worry leave him and his life immediately gets better, still no one can give general directions how to pray correctly for this result. I know about this for I suffered for thirty years from work My dear Lord, God, and Saviour. I come before you in the peace of your loving presence. With praise to the glory of your holy name. My heart is heavy with my worries and fears. And I am fearful of what tomorrow might bring. But let me be encouraged by the peace that flows from your Spirit. For I know you are a faithful God who will always answer my prayers. You are all-powerful and nothing can stand in your way. I know that you see into the past, present and future, and nothing can be hid from your eyes. And knowing that you are with me during my times of trouble, brings me comfort and strength. Help me raise my eyes to heaven so that I may commune with you in prayer and praise at all times. Because of who you are and your steadfast love, bring my heart back to you. Guide me through this storm on earth while keeping me safe in heaven above where only you reign forevermore. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen We all have worries. What we call troubles, pains and griefs, afflictions and distresses of this life. It’s in the nature of being human. They’re part of what makes us uniquely human. It’s not possible to avoid them. But God knows about them and cares about them, and he wants to help us find ways to overcome them. Frankincense is a symbol for prayer that reaches God’s throne. It shows how our prayers rise up to heaven like incense does, and can drive away our darkest fears and feelings of helplessness.

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Short Prayers For Worry

Prayer For Worry And Anxiety.

Why should we pray when feeling anxiety? Let’s look at the true nature of anxiety and prayer to understand how it helps.

The Apostle Paul is an inspiration for praying through our anxiety and tribulations.

In AD 62 (or so), Paul was languishing under “house arrest,” awaiting a trial to determine whether or not he’d be killed for his faith in Christ. The deranged Emperor Nero was to be his judge — a man who’d already executed his own mother and who’d very soon orchestrate the cruelest persecution of Christians in history. (In fact, Nero did indeed order Paul’s death in AD 67).

Imprisoned with heavy chains manacling him to a Roman soldier, Paul wrote to Christians in Philippi where, years prior, that city’s leaders had violently evicted him (Acts 16:12-38). They’d persecuted Jesus-followers ever since. Into these dire circumstances, Paul gave his friends this absurd advice:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7).

How could Paul say that—and actually mean it? The answer lies in understanding the true nature of worry, and the true nature of prayer.

The True Meaning of Worry and Anxiety

Anxiety has four main characteristics.

1. Mental health expert, Suzanne Jessee, explains in her book, Escape Anxiety:

“A friend once told me, ‘Worry is praying for what you don’t want to happen.’ We could also say that worry is a form of meditation. Any time we have focused concentration on something specific, it is a kind of meditation and/or hypnosis. So be careful what you meditate on!”

2. Our worried thoughts are defined by emotional perception. Noted author Stephen Covey observes in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “We see the world not as it is, but as we are.” Thus if we begin to feel fearful, our world becomes fearful; when we feel threatened—whether that threat is real or imagined our world becomes threatening. So we worry.

3. Worry is a cognitive conflict of opposing desires. When the Apostle Paul spoke of being “anxious” in Philippians 4:6, the Greek word he used meant “to be pulled in different directions.” As theologian Warren Wiersbe commented, “Our hopes pull us in one direction; our fears pull us in the opposite direction; and we are pulled apart!”

4. Worry is always outcome-based and always stressed about tomorrow. It fixates our thoughts on unrealized results — and how those future outcomes can disappoint.

The True Meaning of Prayer

Looking at the five characteristics above, I begin to understand why Paul’s practical instruction in Philippians 4:6 makes so much sense.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

You see, the true nature of prayer, accompanied by petition and thanksgiving, is this: It reorients our thinking away from the temporal and toward the eternal.

Do you see what Paul has done here? With this simple advice, he renders impotent the power of worry over the human soul! A Philippians 4:6 prayer is not simply a recitation of fears. This kind of praying instinctively redirects within us the natural meditative impulse. It turns our perceptions and desires away from fearful future outcomes, focusing us instead on the unifying truth that God is sufficient, even when the circumstances of this life are not.

Does that mean we’ll never face difficulty or even death? Of course not. But it does mean that regardless of the outcome, in the midst of an awful circumstance, we can connect our minds with Christ’s—supernaturally, intimately—and thus redirects our limited, temporal thinking to align with His true, eternal perspective.

This is an astonishing gift. And it includes a shockingly generous consequence (Philippians 4:7):

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” …Wow.

How Do We Give Our Anxiety to God in Prayer?

So, if this is the true nature of worry, and also the true nature of prayer, what does that mean for us?

Giving our worries and problems to God in prayer is, in the simplest sense, an honest, meditative conversation with our Father whereby we attempt to transfer responsibility for desired outcomes out of our hands and into His. It’s a deliberate act of faith that trusts in who God is more than our perception of what He does or doesn’t do. That’s why, even when shackled to a Roman soldier, the Apostle Paul could write with such confidence: Do not be anxious about anything …

Now, here’s something to help you experience Philippians 4:6-7 for yourself. It’s a mental image my wife once gave me, so now I give you this gift as well:

One time I was emotionally locked up with worry over a fretful situation. Amy came to me and gently took hold of my wrist.

“Make a fist,” she instructed, “and hold out your hand, palm up.” Next, she said, “Open the fingers of your fist. Spread them wide so that anything in your hand would spill through them like water.” After I’d done that, she said, “Now, that problem you’re worrying about? Picture it pouring through your fingers and into God’s great big hands. He’s got it. Regardless of what happens, it’s His problem now. It’s not yours to worry about anymore.”

Life has become uncertain and even frightening during 2020. Many of us are concerned about different events that are happening in our country and around the world. You may be concerned how these events will affect you and your family. Instead of experiencing happiness, you may find yourself more worried than usual. 

It’s natural to sometimes experience stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling stress and anxiety to the point that it’s affecting your ability to live your life and carry out daily activities, it may be time to seek out professional help. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America can help individuals find the appropriate treatment to meet each person’s need. There is no need to suffer in silence when help is available.

There are lots of steps you can take to help reduce anxiety. Sometimes finding a different career can help. You might want to start a new hobby or connect with old friends. 

You may also find that praying can help reduce stress and relieve anxiety. While you may like the idea of starting out the day with morning prayers, you can pray throughout the day whenever you feel the need for strength and encouragement. 

The following are 21 prayers that can help you find peace and strength during these uncertain and difficult times. For those who find strength in God, the following are prayers that can give you peace and strength and help relieve stress, anxiety, and fear.

Prayers for Relieving Anxiety & Stress

1. Heavenly Father,

I come before you full of fear and anxiety. I ask that you help me through this day, this hour, and each and every moment. I lay every problem and worry before you. I will focus on the fact that you love and care for me. I will allow you to carry my burdens as you surround me with peace, joy, and contentment. Thank you, Lord, for all that you have and will do for me, amen

2. Dear Lord,

Your word tells us that we are not slaves to fear. You have given us many promises that tell us to rest in you and your word. In Romans 8: 15-17 you tell us, 

The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.” The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.

Thank you for this wonderful promise. I will remember these words during the difficult times that I am tempted to give in to fear, but instead will decide to completely trust in you. May you keep your words in my heart and mind, and help me to dwell on them throughout the day. Thank you, Lord. 

3. God,

Help me to stand when I feel I’m about to fall;

Help me to carry on when I feel I can’t take another step.

Lead me gently in the direction that I should go;

Lead me into a place of peace and security.

Even while the world around me is full of turmoil,

Bring me closer to you.


4. Dear Lord Jesus,

In John 14:1 You have told us,  “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in me.” 

I believe your words and take comfort in your promises. I’ll trust in you to calm my heart and relieve my fears.

This day I will choose to believe in you and trust in your words.

In Your Beloved Name, amen

5. Dear Lord,

The stress of everyday life has become overwhelming.

My life is confusing and sometimes even fearful.

Forgive me where I have doubted and given in to fear.

Fill me with your Holy Spirit and provide me with incredible peace.

I thank you for who you are and all that you have done.

In Jesus name, amen

6. Dear God in Heaven, 

I remember your promises in Psalm 55:22.

Cast your cares on the Lord
    and he will sustain you;
he will never let
    the righteous be shaken.

Your words are power and strength,

You alone give me the hope to carry on.

According to your words, I ask you to sustain me and provide all that I need.


7. Dear Father,

It seems as if my life is in constant turmoil. I often feel stress, anxiety, and fear of what tomorrow may bring. I need to be reminded that you are greater than all my fears and anxiety, and that you hold everything within your hands. Embrace me and surround me with your love and peace. Thank you for always hearing me and being there when I need you. I know that you will continue to guide me and provide all that I need.

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