prayer for wife birthday

prayer for wife birthday: Jesus, I pray for my wife. Each day, teach me how to lay my life down for her and live in a way that glorifies You and her. In Jesus name, AMEN..

Lord, THANK YOU for sending me such an incredible partner, best friend and wife. Next to your grace, her love is the greatest gift in my life. Please never let me take her for granted. Help me to love, cherish, respect, adore, and protect her the way that she deserves. AMEN

Father, Watch over my beloved wife Keep her safe Sing songs of love to her soul Fill her heart Renew her with health and strength Hold her steady Inspire her mind with hope Guide her footsteps Bless her day with happiness and laughter Thank you for her Amen

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OH lord Help my wife be focused, authentic, engaging, and loving as she interacts with the people throughout the day. Help us both submit to the guiding love and light of the Holy Spirit as we relate with each other, family, friends, and strangers.

I honor and glorify your name for your gift of a loving wife to me. Today, I request that you guide her through all the activities that she will engage in. May your peace that passes every human understanding reign in her heart always. Amen

A Prayer For My Wife

Heavenly Father, i come before you today. Pray for healing and strength of my dear wife. Lord you are the source of life, health and strength. I entrust to you my wife as my only hope, please heal her. You are powerful than any human imagination, thinking, power.

I thank You for the love my wife has for You Lord, and for the quiet strength she demonstrates in her prayerfulness. Thank You for the example she is to me and to others, of a woman who has placed Jesus at the rightful centre of her life, and home.

Dear Father, I love my wife; she is a gift and a treasure to me. I pray that you would follow my wife with goodness and blessing. Fill her with joy in the good times we share. Shower her with good gifts as she gives out to others. Hear her when she cries out in prayer. You love her more; she is your child and precious to you. Please keep my wife safe in your care. Amen.

As long as there is one to who can stop the day from breaking and the night from falling, no one shall be able to stop you in all you do. Every morning that smile upon you shall be one that will launch you into your perfect realm of prosperity, blessing and abundance. You will be blessed every morning and you shall find success where others see problem. Go out today and shine. Good morning to my wife.

My life would have been a load of a mess if I had not met you. You came to turn my life around and change my world for the best. As you celebrate today, see all your wishes coming to pass, I pray you will conquer the world. Today and for the rest of your life, you shall not suffer loss. Amen.

Morning Prayer For My Wife

In everything you do today and every day, may you find God in his magnificence. May you come to know, love, and serve him more with each day that passes. Waking up to thoughts of you is the best way to start the day! I pray that the love that binds our two hearts together will never change and that our bond will only strengthen as time passes. Amen. Good morning, my heart!

Each day has its own packages; may the divine hand of provision locate you today. The blessing of today will never elude you. Under the protection of the Lord I commit you today; the evil one shall no longer see you. You have become a hidden treasurer to the enemy as from today. Go and prosper in today because that’s your lot.

The path of the righteous always shines brighter and brighter until the perfect day, you will continue to shine through all season. In the morning, the stream flows without turbulence. As you wake to the beautiful light of this day, your life will move on steadily without turbulence as the morning stream. Good morning my wife

You’re loving. You’re caring. You’re kind. For all you are to me, I say thank you. I pray that your paths will be brightened and straightened. Sometimes I ask if you’re a mortal man or an angel. You’re always going extra miles. You’re a rare gem. I can’t but say THANK YOU. May the good Lord bless you beyond your biggest dream.

You remain the same, from generation to generation. Thank you for you are ever true and faithful in the life of my darling wife. On this day, it is my prayer that you grant her success in the job interview she will be sitting for today. Take control, and cause her to find favor before her interviewers. Amen.

Prayer For My Future Wife

I pray that your life will be filled with God’s love and blessings. May you enjoy God’s provision for you today and every day of your life. You’ve been such a wonderful wife, I can’t reward you enough. I pray that God brings to pass, the desires of your heart. And bring you to that state you’ve always desired.

Lord, there was a time when I did not understand and was a little confused, irritated and even jealous of her prayer-life, but Lord, thank You for showing me the amazing gift that I have received from You in the person of my praying wife, and also for the amazing grace and gift of prayer that You have bestowed on her.

Thank you for the life of my precious wife. You know her more than I do myself. Therefore, I ask that you answer all her unsaid heart desires beyond her imaginations. Surprise her beautifully and even through me, that all the adoration shall be returned unto you. Amen.

Dear Lord, thank you for my wife. Thank you for the privilege of walking hand in hand on life is a journey with her. I pray that you would be like a cloak of her love around her shoulders, that your truth would guide her every step and that your hope would leap out of each new breath she takes. Come Lord and unfold her, lift her and guide her into goodness and grace. Each day may I know that you are with us, you are weaving your union, and weaving your Kingdom into our lives. Amen.

May the glory of your dawning be evident for all to see. May your light keep shining in the midst of the thickest darkness because the boundary is falling for you in pleasant places. As the apple of the Lord’s eye, you will be forever adored every day of your life. Ride upon the storms of life with confidence; you are under His wings. Good morning to my wife.

You have been a source of encouragement; a reason to sleep every night and wake every morning. You will always be on top and never below. Beauty erodes and flowers wither. May your joy and expectation never wither. As you step out this morning, you’ll never have reason to regret.

Darling, may God continue to bless you. Thank you for your love and care even in times when I misbehaved. You’re one in a million. I love you and I’ll forever do. Make sure you do have a wonderful day.

Healing Prayer For My Wife

Lord, just as her prayers have so often sustained me as I have faced some of life’s difficulties, I now lift up my precious wife to You in grateful praise asking that You would sustain her and encourage her in her prayer life. Be her rock and support, especially in those times when she may become weary of well-doing. Show me Lord, how I may be supportive toward her and thank You Father, for giving me my praying wife. In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN

You are worthy to receive all my thanks and praises to you for the life of my best half. For your undivided attention on her well-being, I thank you. May your good works in her life never come to an end. Rather, may they increase and enlarge in such a way that people will testify that you are a good God.

Father, watch over my beloved wife and keep her safe. Sing songs of love to her soul. Fill her heart; renew her with health and strength. Hold her steady. Inspire her mind with hope. Guide her footsteps. Always bless her day with happiness and laughter. Thank you for her, Amen.

When you need one person, a thousand will answer to you. You will never be stranded or confused in life. Every morning will take you into the land of possibility that you are destined to be. Be not afraid, you are more than conqueror for the one in you is greater than the one in the world. Good morning to my beautiful wife.

The morning has broken to launch you into a perfect realm of prosperity, blessing and abundance. No one can stop you from climbing higher. You have always been a light to my world just as the sun is the light to the entire universe. Keep shining in resplendent.

Prayer For My Wife For Strength

Choosing you has been the best decision I ever made. Loving you has been the best that has happened to me. My prayer for you is that you’ll enjoy the best God has for you. With you, my life becomes enviable. You make my life easy and its journey awesome. You are my answered prayer and dream come true. I love you! May the Good Lord bless you until you become a greater blessing.

Heavenly Father, thank You for the wife that You have been gracious to give me and thank You for the wonderful institution of marriage where a man and a woman becomes one flesh. Help me to cleave to my wife as You have instructed in Your Word, and may we grow ever closer to each other and to You as we daily spend time in fellowship with one and other and in You presence, together.

I come to you at this moment with a heart soaked in humility, bringing my wife to your feet of grace. In your compassion for me, may you touch her heart to forgive me for wronging her. Lord, I ask that you open her eyes to see that I am sorry, and won’t repeat such a mistake against her again. Amen.

Protect Her Joy

Thank you, Father, for the gift of my wife. You are the giver of all good and perfect blessings, and I’m amazed how You show Your love through her. Please help me to cherish such an amazing gift (James 1:17).

Each day, circumstances and frustrations can easily steal the joy from ________. Please keep her from letting these challenges turn her focus from You, the author of her faith. Give her the joy that Jesus had as He accomplished the Father’s will on earth. May she consider each struggle as a reason to find hope in You (>Hebrews 12:2–3; >James 1:2–3).

When she feels tired, Lord, renew her strength. Surround her with friends who love You and will bear her burdens. Give her reason to feel refreshed by their encouragement (Isaiah 40:31; Galatians 6:2; Philemon 1:7).

May she know that the joy of the Lord is the source of her strength. Protect her from growing tired of doing what You’ve called her to do each day (Nehemiah 8:10; Galatians 6:9).

Give Her a Growing Need for You

Father, You supply all our needs according to Your riches in Christ. I’m amazed that you care about us enough to meet our daily concerns and to notice every detail of our lives. Even the hairs of our heads are numbered because You take care of Your children (Philippians 4:19; Matthew 7:11, 10:30).

I confess that I sometimes think of myself as being the one who takes care of _______. Forgive me for taking to myself what truly belongs to you. Her help comes from You. If she depends on me, I know I’ll disappoint her. But You never fail, and You make her like a garden that always has enough water. You’re always faithful, always enough. Help her to know that You are all she needs (Psalm 121:2; Lamentations 3:22; Isaiah 58:11; >John 14:8–9).

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