Prayer For Trump Psalm

Let’s pray for our president Trump and his administration.I was very surprised when, a day before he was sworn into office, he had already appointed many journalists to work in the White House. Now all that’s left is the praying. The Bible says Jesus is our advocate, our defender and high priest. He has saved us from His wrath that is to come on this earth. (1 John 2:1-2) What a wonderful Savior we have! What a great thing to be made right with God so I can stand before Him without guilt and shame. Worthy is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! (John 1:29)

In the run up to the inauguration of Trump, I wrote and read a prayer as many churches as possible. Fortunately this was a Psalm originally written for political leaders of his line, Antiochus Epiphanes IV. The prayer came out at just the right time it seems.. In this article, you will learn about – Prayer For Trump Psalm. Among other resources which you will find on our website are answers to common searches such as; psalm 109 and psalm 1098

Prayer For Trump Psalm

God, we come before you today on bended knee.

We pray for Donald Trump, our president. We pray that he will have wisdom and discernment in his decisions. We pray that he will lead with a heart of love, compassion and understanding. We pray that he will lead us with a spirit of grace, mercy and justice for all. We plead with you to give him strength and courage to do the work you have called him to do in these turbulent times.

We ask for your help to make America great again! We ask that you give us a leader who represents the best of what America has to offer: integrity, honesty, fairness and kindness toward all people regardless of race or religion or sexual orientation or gender identity or immigration status or political affiliation or wealth classification or education level! We ask that you guide us through these difficult times and bring healing into our hearts as well as our country as we strive toward unity instead of division. Amen

God, we pray for our 45th President, Donald J. Trump.

We ask that you guide him in his leadership of this great nation. We ask that you help him to lead with compassion and wisdom. We ask that you protect him from harm and surround him with a shield of protection so that he can lead us forward into a new era of American prosperity. We pray for his family, who have sacrificed so much in order to serve their country. May they know your love and protection as well.

And finally, we pray for all Americans who have been affected by this election: those who voted for Mr Trump, those who did not vote for him but support his presidency, those who voted for Hillary Clinton but now find themselves feeling discouraged about America’s future under the new administration… We pray that everyone will find peace in their hearts and minds during this time of transition and uncertainty; may they know that no matter what happens next, God is always there waiting with open arms and an open heart to welcome us back into His loving embrace whenever we need Him most!

Is Psalm 109 An Imprecatory Psalm?

An imprecatory psalm such as this one belongs toPsalm 109’s grouping of psalms. As these psalms are filled with anger and repentance, they are referred to as imprecatory. It comes from the verse of Adamo 2576, “God’s love is for all of us… The bitterness cannot endure without repentance.” (Hebrews 10:53) The verses also invoke GodAdvertisement

What Is Psalms 109 Talking About?

Analysis. In an interesting parallel, the New Oxford Annotated Bible provides a list of the Imprecatory Psalms in defense of deceitful adversaries under the heading, “Prayer for Deliverance from enemies.”. Compare the changes between votary enemies (verses 2–5) in verse 6–19 and those in Psalm 55 in verse 18–20. It is evident that ‘evil returned to my love’ in verse 4.

Is It Ok To Pray Psalm 109?

Among other imprecatory psalms ed in the New Testament. Let’s also not forget that Psalm 109 (and Psalm 35, and many other imprecatory Psalms) are quoted. Consider praying at the altar of the imprecatory Psalms as Christians. It is absolutely acceptable to submit written requests in accordance with the Word of God.

How Do You Pray To God For Protection From Evil?

God bless You as I begin this new day. I belong to You as my hiding place, and you can keep me safe as you do. I should always be protected from trouble wherever I go, and I can be a shield from evil, not a shield. If You ask me where I am, I will reply, “You are my protector and you fight for me every day.”.Advertisement

What Does The Bible Says About Our Enemies?

Please Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, be good to them that hate you, and pray for them. In contrast, the New International Version of this text reads, “You should love your enemies as much as you love Jesus and pray for their forgiveness”.

Which Are The Imprecatory Psalms?

We consider each Psalms as an imprectory text, includingPsalm 69 and 99;Pt 70, 60, 60, 61, 67, 72, 76, 139 and 146;Pt 76, 70, -79 and the others are also as. As a result, Psalm 69:24 says to God, ‘Pour out Your rage with them in vengeance, and allow Your burning anger to overtake them’.

What Type Of Psalm Is 109?

Psalm 109
LanguageHebrew (original)


Who Wrote The Imprecatory Psalms?

Some imprecatory psalms found in the New Testament constitute descriptions of the life of Christ that may be referred to as prayers to Christ (e.g. In John 19:28, ps 69:21 in verse 39 is the last verse.

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