Prayer For The Singles

Faith doesn’t cost a thing but it’s priceless. You have to pay the price for everything valuable, but prayer is free and gives us the product we want by its benefits. Today, I wish to add my voice in hope that you find value in reading this article.

“The Single” is a phrase used to refer to a specific type of Person or circumstance. It is quite possible in today’s dating world that you could find yourself single without realizing it. As the title of this article suggests, this prayer for the singles will help un-cloud your mind and enable you to see things from a different angle; so that you can deal with the situation at hand.

Heavenly Father, I sincerely thank You for all the single people in the world. You are able to use them greatly in alarming times like these. Fill them with Your Holy Spirit because they need to be empowered to do great things for Your Kingdom.

It is the time of year for pleading Your favor in the lives of those who are following You. Even though the dreams and desires for married life weighed heavily on our hearts, we still trusted that marriage was not in our future. We were convinced that our mate was nowhere around and it seemed foolish to keep hoping. We didn’t know how to lean on You when there appeared to be no way out. So with heavy hearts, we sought comfort and strength from You, Lord God.

Prayer For The Singles

In a culture that worships “prince charming” and “happily ever after”, single women are often looked upon as second-class citizens. There is an underlying question of, “why can’t she find a partner?” With this kind of pressure, prayer for singles is extremely important.

Additionally, single women struggle with emotions common to all women. But loneliness, lack of self-confidence, anxiety, fear, and sometimes anger can be much more intense. As these feelings sweep over a woman’s life, prayer is essential for her emotional survival.

Prayer For The Singles

1. Pray for Single’s Peace of Mind 

The absence of anxiety and stress. A sense of freedom and calmness. The ability to focus, function, and complete daily tasks without worry. Many singles desire marriage and struggle with the thought of the possibility of living life without a partner. Many of these thoughts are often triggered by comments or questions about their relationship status, social media posts, familial pressure, and friends. Praying for singles to have peace of mind and accept their current relationship status will prove more helpful to them rather than praying for them to have a relationship. Not only this but pray for their overall peace of mind to live life as God wants them to.

2. Pray for Their Joy

Joy is a wonderful thing. It is defined as an inner peace given by God. It is knowing that you are confident God is at work in your life and on your behalf during the midst of trials and tribulations. For many singles, experiencing joy can be difficult because of the vulnerability they experience due to their relationship status. If you want to go to God in prayer on behalf of singles, ask God to give them a spirit of joy in and out of all relationships.

3. Pray for Singles to Find Their Purpose in the Lord

Everyone has a God-given purpose in life. God gifts each one of His children, and with those gifts, He provides purpose. If you want to help singles on their journey, pray earnestly and fervently that they find their purpose in the Lord, pray that they understand this plan, and work towards fulfilling it.

4. Pray for Singles to Have a Fulfilling Life Living Single 

Many people believe that unmarried individuals’ lives are dull or lonesome. On the contrary, many singles lead very meaningful and fulfilling lives. If you’re going to God in prayer on behalf of singles, pray that God continues to bless their lives with growth and that each day is filled with new ways to walk with God as He continues to fill their lives with new moments to thank Him for.

5. Pray for Singles to be Covered with the Whole Armor of God

In Ephesians 6: 10-18, the Apostle Paul encourages believers to cover themselves with the full armor of God. The armor of God is comprised of various elements that symbolize the spiritual protection Christians have available to them every day. As you petition to God on behalf of singles, ask Him to do the following:

  • Help singles stand firm in the truth of who they are in God’s image.
  • Cover and fill single’s hearts with righteousness. Lead and guide them to hear and follow your instructions and remain on the right path.
  • Guide singles in their daily walk with Him, understanding His Joly Word and that they remain steadfast in it.
  • Ensure that singles are strengthening their faith in Him and His righteousness by hearing and applying the truth of His Holy Word to their life.
  • Fill the minds of singles with thoughts of His saving grace and to surrender thoughts that fail to align with scripture.

As believers, we know that we fight spiritual and fleshly battles daily. Praying for singles to be covered with God’s word from head to toe will benefit them more than you know.

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