Prayer For The Prodigal

Prayer for the prodigal; Prayer for the Prodigal is a must read for every person who has a loved one who resists Christ’s call to discipleship. It provides encouragement, biblical understanding and in-depth explanation for God’s universal call to all humanity.

The Prodigal Prayer is a simple prayer that brings hope and encouragement to those who are feeling the effects of sin in their life. The Prodigal Prayer can help encourage individuals who have made mistakes, found themselves in sinful situations, or are leading others astray.Using the Prodigal Prayer is a process that involves asking for forgiveness for specific sins, as well as acknowledging God as the perfect example for how to repent.

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Dear God, we pray for the prodigal.

We beseech you to renew their soul and heal their heart. We kindly request that you show them your love and your forgiveness for their wrongdoings. We ask that you approach the lost, even if they do not acknowledge you. We kindly request that you give them the strength to go back home, and that when they do, they will be welcomed with open arms.

We are aware that many individuals have problems with their faith, feel disconnected from You, and are not involved with Your Church. Help us to view them as You do—as the treasured ones of God who require our compassion and affection. May we always be ready to welcome them with open arms, regardless of the mistakes they have made or the paths they have traveled.

We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen

God, we pray for the prodigal, who has gone astray.

We pray that you will bring him back to your fold, that he may once again experience the love of your embrace and feel at home in your presence.

We pray that you will show him your mercy and grace, so that he may once again feel worthy of being called a child of God.

We pray that you will forgive him his sins, release him from the bondage of sin and restore the joy of salvation in his heart.

We pray for all who have been affected by his wrongdoings, that they may find peace and comfort in their hearts.

Last but not least, we pray for ourselves: May we never forget our origin and purpose; may we never stray from the path of our heavenly Father; may we never forget how much we need one another as brothers and sisters in Christ; may we never desert one another in times of need; but may we always remember how much you love us—even when we fail or fall—and work to become more and more like Jesus Christ every day!

Lord, thank You for bringing me to this moment. I pray that my heart is open to receive the blessings that You have waiting for me, and that Your will is done in my life.

I pray today for the prodigal. May he realize that he’s been missing something in his life, and may he be able to hear Your voice calling him home. May he see himself as You see him: full of love and goodness, worthy of acceptance and belonging.

I pray today for all those who are lost but searching. May they find their way back home to You, where they belong.

Dear God,

We pray for our prodigal. We pray for their return to you, and that they will find their way back home. In your name we pray, amen.

Dear God,

We pray for our prodigal child, who has left us and gone astray. We pray that you will bring him back to us, and that he may find in you the home he is searching for.

We are aware that you have given everyone of us a home, yet some of us have moved quite a distance from our starting points. For those who have fled their homes but have not yet realized what they have lost, we offer prayers. Show them how much you care for them and help them find their way back to you at the same time.

We pray for our prodigal child’s parents, who have given their all to raise this child and are now grieving his absence. Comfort them in their sorrow and give them strength as they await the return of their child.

We pray for ourselves today as we seek to keep our own homes strong and welcoming places for those who come seeking refuge from the world outside. Bless us with your love today as we strive to build up our homes and make them into places where all people feel welcome.

Dear God,

I ask that you provide my son comfort as he travels. I beg you to help him make the correct decisions and recognize that what he is doing is not best for him. Please assist my son in realizing that leaving the house so suddenly has disappointed and saddened me. I was taken aback when he revealed his plans to me. I’m sure that came as a shock to you as well!

I ask that you give him wisdom and insight into how to handle the situation with his father and brother. They are both very angry with him for leaving, but please show him how to work things out with them in a way that will bring healing instead of more pain.

Thank you for all your blessings today, Lord! In Jesus’ name, amen

Oh God, we come to you today to ask for your blessing on our family. We pray that you keep us safe and guide us wisely as we continue our journey into the future. In addition, [name] our friend is asking for your blessing. We would really appreciate it if you could assist her in finding peace and joy in whatever she does because she has been going through a difficult time. Help her recognize Your love for her and Your unfailing support. Amen

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