Prayer For Resolving Conflict

Prayer for resolving conflict; As a Christian, one of the most difficult situations to face is conflict with a loved one. The Bible tells us to seek God’s will in the situation and be reconciled with the person we are in conflict with. This prayer seeks the best course of action for resolving the conflict.

Most times, conflict arises or escalates because of the inability to understand the other person’s perspective. You, me, and others all have only our own vantage point from which we look at the world. While this is not an excuse, it is the reality we live in. With our limited knowledge of what is going on and how it affects someone else who is in pain, how do we resolve conflict?

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Prayer To Resolve Conflict At Work

Dear God,

We need your assistance in resolving the disagreement that has developed between [name] and [name]. We beg you to use your ability to make all people peaceful toward us in order to assist us in finding a resolution. Please provide us direction as we tackle this. Even when we make mistakes, we are aware that you are there for us. We beg for your support as we work to find harmony over the next few days and ask for your pardon for our transgressions. Amen

Dear God,

We are praying before you right now. We beseech you to grant us the fortitude and discernment to resolve this dispute. We beg for your direction as we proceed since we are aware that you are with us at every turn. Please help us to always put aside our differences for the sake of peace and love when we disagree in order to remember that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. We ask that you guide us in how to handle this disagreement so that it does not obstruct our community’s progress or limit our capacity to serve others. We ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Our Father,

We need your assistance in resolving our dispute. We believe that you can assist us in finding peace, so we are pleading with you to provide us knowledge and patience so that we will have the fortitude to face this obstacle. Give us the capacity to forgive those who have harmed us rather than allowing our rage or irritation to rule us. Please remind us that we all make errors and let us know how much You value each and every one of us. Give us the fortitude to forget our own transgressions in order to forget others’. Finally, please encourage us all to ask for forgiveness when we have hurt someone else so that we can all grow.

In Jesus’ name we pray, amen

Dear God,

I come to you with a heavy heart. I am troubled by the conflict that has arisen between me and my friend. I know that our friendship is precious to you, and I hope that you will help us resolve our differences. Please give me strength to listen carefully to my friend’s concerns, and give my friend strength to hear me out. Help us both remember that we were created in your image—full of love and compassion for one another—and help us to demonstrate those qualities in our relationship with each other.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Dear God,

Today, I’m writing to you because I need your assistance. I’ve been having a disagreement with someone, and it’s getting to me. I must settle this dispute so that it does not adversely impact my life. Please assist me in resolving this disagreement in peace and tranquility so that I may go on with my life. Amen. I appreciate all of your blessings.

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