Prayer For Relief From Anxiety

Prayer for relief from anxiety; Anxiety can be defined as a state of uneasiness or fear, typically about an impending event or something with an uncertain outcome. Learn the prayer for anxiety to find freedom from the status of uncertainty and uneasiness.

This Prayer for relief from anxiety is about praying to God for help because you feel consumed by anxiety. There is no simple or easy way to overcome anxiety. However, by trusting in God and working His program, you will receive relief

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Short Prayer For Anxiety

Dear Lord,

I hope for anxiety relief as I come to you today. Recently, my life has felt so overwhelming that I don’t know how to continue. Enable me to remember that you love me no matter what, and help me to find comfort and rest in your arms. Please remind me to always have you at my side. I ask in the name of Jesus, amen.

Dear God,

I’ve been suffering from anxiety, so I’ve come to you in prayer today to ask for help. I’ve been on edge for a very long time, and it’s making it difficult for me to conduct myself normally. I’m aware that this won’t go away over night, but I’m hoping that you can give me the bravery and strength I need to get through this trying period.

Please help me find peace in knowing that all things work together for good. Please give me the wisdom to know when it is time to ask for assistance and how best to ask for it. Please help me take care of myself by eating well and exercising regularly so that my mind and body can be strong.

I pray these things in Jesus’ name—amen

Dear [God],

I’m here to beg you for help with my anxiousness. I pray that you will grant me your presence during this trying and uncertain time because I know that you are the source of all comfort and serenity. I am aware that you have a plan for me and a purpose for my life, but there are moments when I find it difficult to recognize those things because of my worry. Please assist me in seeing myself as you do—strong, competent, and cherished. Please give me the fortitude to face each day with hope and courage; the discernment to make the correct choices; faith in your promises; solace when I am terrified; and the fortitude to confront things with courage.

Dear God,

I come to you today and seek your guidance in my life. I have been struggling with anxiety lately, and I know that it is because of the stress and uncertainty in my world.

Please help me to find peace and calm in this time of uncertainty. Help me to find joy even when things are hard, because you are always with me, guiding me every step of the way.

Thank you for hearing my prayer today and for always being there for me!

Lord, I come to you as a woman who is struggling with anxiety.

I am aware that my worry is not a reflection of You, but rather of the brokenness of the world, which now more than ever needs you to be what it is unable to be on its own. And I am aware that your grace has the power to mend this brokenness.

I have seen the good in others and myself, but have also seen how easily this goodness can be corrupted. So I ask for your help today in seeing through the brokenness of my own heart to the beauty and strength that lies within me and those around me.

Lord, grant me tranquility that I may go on doing good deeds in this world that sorely needs them, not just for myself but also for others. Give me wisdom so that I can understand what needs to be done and the best way to do it; courage so that I don’t cower in the face of difficulties; hope so that no obstacle will seem too great or insurmountable; love so that all people are loved equally in their worthiness before You; and grace so that whatever transpires today, good or bad, will bring me closer to You.

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