Prayer For Refuge

Prayer for refuge; We have all been there. Some days, it seems like nothing but bad news after bad news comes your way. And when you’re faced with situations like these, you feel so powerless to stop the endless cycle of stress and worry. But there is hope in God. He loves you, and He will never leave your side. Every bit of pain and sorrow that we experience is borne through Him, and it is up to us to see how much He can help us when we place our trust in Him.

Is there anything we don’t need refuge from? Sometimes, despite all the effort we put into avoiding it, unhappiness finds us. It can feel as if we’re adrift in an ocean, with no land in sight. To help you make sense of your emotional state at these times, here is a sample prayer for refuge—or “one taste” sangha. Buddhism has many kinds of refuge and sangha. What fits may change as your emotional state does. If this doesn’t fit exactly what you need, please feel free to personalize it.

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Prayer For Refuge And Strength

Dear God,

We come before you in humility and gratitude to ask for refuge.

As we face the future, we feel uncertain about what will happen next. We know that you are here with us, and we trust that you will guide us.

In order to grow more like you—more devoted, sympathetic, and perceptive of others’ struggles—we give ourselves as vessels for your grace. Help us to keep in mind that we are all related to one another in this life and that we are all both individuals with unique characteristics and a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Accept our thanks for the blessings you have given us today. May they bring us joy as we go forward into tomorrow.

Dear God,

In the name of Jesus Christ, I come to you to plead for protection. I am aware that there is no one else who can forgive me of my sins. I apologize for anything I’ve done wrong. God, if you hear my prayers, please save me. I ask in the name of Jesus, amen.

God, I come to you as a refuge.

I know that my strength is limited, and that I need help from you to succeed in this world.

I ask for your guidance, so that I can do what you want me to do with my life.

I ask for your protection, so that nothing bad happens to me or those close to me.

I ask for your forgiveness, so that I am not held accountable for my actions and the things I have said or done that were wrong.

Most of all, I pray that you will protect me from myself—that you will take away my desire to harm others or myself.

Help me be a good person and make your kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven.

Dear God,

I turn to you for help right now. I beg your protection over my family and I. I am aware that you are the only person who can protect us from the impending storm. Please provide us with safety until the storm passes and shelter from it.

In Jesus’ name, amen

Dear God,

I appreciate your support and affection. I ask that you lead me today as I travel and help me to be aware of everyone else who needs your guidance. I appreciate your constant presence and your efforts to keep me safe from harm and peril.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Lord, help me to be strong.

Help me to know that you’re there with me through all of this.

Help me to believe in myself and my abilities, so that I can get through this and come out stronger on the other side.

I ask for peace, love and joy in my life right now.

God, I come to you tonight with a heavy heart.

My life is in shambles and I need your guidance.

I am struggling financially, spiritually, and emotionally.

I have lost my way and don’t know where to turn.

Please help me find my way back to you.

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