Prayer For Protection From Evil Spirits

Prayer for protection from evil spirits: Due to our weak nature and disposition to evil, the apostle Paul wisely advised us to pray for protection from evil spirits. Since we are unable to resist the temptations and dangers of Satan’s kingdom, we must pray for protection from this. Father, strong and powerful God, I am coming to you for protection from the attacks of evil spirits and wicked men. Watch over me Father, and let your peace guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.I ask in Jesus name you free me from malevolent bad useless energy witchcraft curse, spell, mantra, negative effect, planetar position and bad Karma that have affected my life in a very negative way.

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Prayer To Protect Home From Evil

Prayer Against Evil Spirits Daily Effective Prayer.

Holy Spirit,

I come to you with a prayer for protection from evil spirits. I know that you can help me, and I know that you are with me. Please protect me from the evil in this world, so that I may be safe as I go through my day. Thank you for being with me always and for hearing my prayers.

I ask that you protect me from evil spirits.

I ask that you protect my family and friends from evil spirits.

I ask that you protect those who are unfamiliar with the ways of Jesus Christ from evil spirits.

Because of their purity and vulnerability to negative influences, I implore you to shield the creatures of this world from harm.

I beg you to keep evil spirits at bay because they would do all in their power to ruin all that is good in our planet.

In the name of Jesus, I sincerely appreciate your care for us all and ask that you keep showering us with your light and love.

Holy and compassionate God,

Please shield me from their designs, which aim to annihilate my mind and spirit.

So that I can serve you with a clear conscience and without fear of any bad spirits, please use your power to protect me.

I ask the Lord to keep an eye out for me and protect me.

I want him to keep me safe from all harm, especially demonic spirits.

I beg you to expel any demons from my house or neighborhood and send them back to hell, where they belong.

Holy God,

we ask for your protection from evil spirits,

especially those that may have attached themselves to us or our loved ones.

We ask for the strength to resist temptation,

to stand strong in our faith, and to love one another.

Protect us now and always. Amen

Father, hear my prayer.

Listen to my cry for help.

I cast out the demons from my life and I ask that you also cast them out of the lives of others.

In Jesus’ name. Amen

Because the Lord is my shepherd, I will never lack. He leads me alongside quiet streams and causes me to lie down in verdant meadows. He heals my soul and guides me along the proper path for the glory of his name. Yes, even though I pass through the “valley of the shadow of death,” I won’t be afraid because I know that you are with me, and that your rod and staff will sustain me. In front of my foes, you set a feast for me, anoint my head with oil, and fill my cup to overflowing. All of my days will undoubtedly be filled with goodness and mercy, and I will spend all of my time in the Lord’s house.

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