Prayer For Protection At Night

Prayer For Protection At Night: ”Lord, I thank you and praise you that your watchful presence protects me from all danger, even as I lie asleep in my bed. Your mighty angels surround me and shield me from every assault of the enemy. Keep my soul, thoughts, mind, heart, body and spirit pure. Shield me from all harm so that I can live to accomplish your will for my life on earth.” It’s 1:00am and you’re still awake. The events of the day race through your mind. The stress of the day becoming too much to bare. You just want to sleep, but you cant. In this article I will give you some advice and a prayer that can help you control your thoughts and get a good night sleep. There a lot of people in the world who are suffering under the devil’s dominance. They are confused and don’t know what they are suppose to do or what they are suppose to be; so they’re actual destroy their own lives. These people need your protection. Their souls, minds, bodies and spirits need to intact from the Evil One by the blood of Jesus. No one wants to go through life living in fear, but there are fears that keep us from enjoying our everyday lives. There’s no shame in being afraid, and it can be a good thing if you learn how to deal with your fears. One of the most powerful ways to face your fears is by praying. By praying, you are taking control of your fear by placing yourself in an environment that gives you strength, rather than trying to figure out how to push it aside and pretend it doesn’t exist. What is prayer? It is something that everybody does – though it requires some preparation and discipline – the process of communicating with the creator of the universe.

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Night Prayer For Protection Against Evil

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this day, and the rest of my life. Please protect me at night, especially while I am sleeping. I ask that you watch over me in my dreams and guide me to a better tomorrow. Thank you for everything you do for me, and please bless my family and friends. Amen

Dear Lord,

May you protect me tonight while I sleep. May your angels watch over me, and may they guide my dreams. May you protect me from all evil and keep me safe from harm. Amen.

Dear God,

I pray that you protect me from all the evil things in the world. Keep me safe at night while I sleep, and help me wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to face my day. Thank you for all your blessings, and for always being there when I need you most. Amen.

I pray to the Lord my God, that my family and I will be protected in our sleep, that we will be safe from all harm, and that the evil one will have no power over us.


Dear God,

Please protect me from my enemies and from what I fear most.

I know that you are the only one who can provide me with safety and security, so I ask that you watch over me as I sleep tonight.

Protect me from any harm or danger, and keep me safe while I rest.

Dear Lord,

Please protect me from all harm as I sleep tonight. Please watch over me and keep me safe from all evil. If there is anything that might be a threat to me, please take it away from my life and make sure it never comes back. Amen.

Night is the time of greatest danger. We can take no chances.

We ask you to watch over us and keep us safe.

Protect us from harm, and bring us peace.

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