Prayer For Protection Against Negative Forces

Prayer for protection against negative forces; Most people don’t realize that dangers lurk everywhere, even in their own homes. And the main cause of these dangers is dark entities sitting on the side, waiting for an opportunity to attack. One of the main reasons that you have to pray for protection against negative forces is because dark entities are very common in today’s world. This modern life can be seen as a blessing to some as well as a curse to others.

As we venture through life, there are somethings along the way which we may not be able to control. This article is written to help you get through such times and help you maintain your balance. As you go this prayer to overcome negativity would be a pertinent one.

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Prayer To Protect Home From Evil

Prayer To Protect My Child From Evil.

Dear God,

We humbly ask that you shield us from evil forces as we approach to you today. Please keep an eye out for us, our loved ones, and everyone else who needs your protection. We ask that you grant us the courage to support those who may be in need nearby so that we can lead them back to you. Amen

Dear God,

I pray for protection against the negative forces that seek to tear down my faith and my life. Please guide me as I make decisions and keep me safe from harm. Give me strength when I am weak, and courage when I am afraid. Lead me to those who can help me learn more about you, so that I may become a better person.

Thank you for hearing my prayer and protecting me always. Amen

Dear God,

I come to you today with a plea for protection against negative forces in my life. I know that you are all-powerful, and that your kingdom is vast and mysterious. I also know that you love me, even though I am a flawed human being.

I beg you to protect me from anyone who wants to hurt me, whether it be physically or emotionally. To ensure that we can all coexist in peace and harmony, I kindly ask that you also keep my loved ones safe.

Please help me to remember how loved I am by you—and how much more important my future is than any of the things which threaten it now. Please give me the strength needed to overcome any obstacles placed in front of me today, so that I may continue on this journey towards salvation. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen

Dear Lord,

I come before you today to ask for your protection against the negative forces in my life. I know that sometimes I can be a little too trusting of people and situations, but I want to change that. Please help me to be more cautious and suspicious of others so that I can keep myself safe from harm.

I pray that you will guide me through all situations so that I may make wise choices and keep myself from being taken advantage of by others.

I also ask that you guide me back home when I am lost or unsure of what direction to take in life. Help me to think critically about what is best for me rather than blindly following what others want me to do or believe is best for me.

Finally, please give me strength to stand up for myself even when it is difficult or scary because someone else disagrees with what they say they believe in; this way we can both come out the other side stronger than ever before! Thank you Lord!

I pray to the Divine One, the All-Knowing and All-Seeing, that She protect me from all negative forces.

May the Divine One guide my path and keep me from harm.

May the Divine One protect me from all of those who wish me harm.

May I be protected against all evil influences, so that I may walk in the Light of Her Love.

I ask the Divine to grant me safety and protection from all ill omens. I humbly pray for protection from any damage that could come my way and for the ability to persevere in the face of difficulty. I pray that I will be a steadfast light in a dark world, and that my light would shine so brightly that it will never go out.

Dear Lord,

I come before you today, humbled and grateful for your many blessings. I pray that you will continue to protect me from all negative forces in my life. I pray that you will protect me from the evil in the world around me and help me be a better person by protecting me from those who would do me harm or cause me to fall into temptation.

I ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.

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