Prayer For Protection Against Enemies At Work

Prayer for protection against enemies at work: May the Almighty God protect me against enemies, visible and invisible. May He make my work a delightful garden, where everything grows and yields abundantly. And may He transform my workplace into a fruitful place, where I wouldn’t have to worry about untoward distractions or setbacks. Let Him guide my steps, protect me from evil intentions and allow me to not be a victim of these enemies. For it is in His power and strength that I speak, praise Him eternally. Amen

It is hardly possible to live without sinning, and we all are powerless before the forces of evil. That is why we need power, protection from the evil one. But it’s not always possible, many succumb to the attack of enemies. I want to share with you this prayer for protection from your enemies.

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Psalms To Destroy Enemies At Work

Prayer For Protection Against Evil.

Dear God,

I ask God to keep me safe from foes at work. Please assist me in avoiding the enemy’s traps. Please give me the ability to identify people who are trying to harm me and the fortitude to combat their influence. Please protect me from those who want to see me stumble or fail.


God of the universe,

We ask God to keep us safe from those at work who would sabotage our efforts. We ask for calm and safety at work so that we can complete our tasks without being disturbed or distracted. We ask for protection from those who would want to harm us so that we can keep moving forward in this job and succeeding. Amen

Dear Lord,

Please protect me and my colleagues from the enemies at work.

Help us to be vigilant, but not paranoid. Help us to know when to look out for danger and when to trust our coworkers.

Give us a sense of humor to see through the masks worn by those who mean us harm. Give us wisdom to discern the difference between a helpful colleague and an enemy in disguise.

Please assist me in making new acquaintances at work so that I may feel safe and secure in the environment where I spend the most of my days. Lord, grant me the courage to deal with my coworkers’ foes. No matter how many times they try to push me under, kindly assist me in maintaining my buoyancy and preventing me from sinking. Help me to resist losing my composure in the face of their assaults. Please remind me that You are with me at all times and that You have a plan for me. Amen, in the name of Jesus

Dear Lord,

We request your safety at work today. We are aware that there are many people out there who want to do us harm, but we are confident in your ability to shield us from these individuals. We ask for strength so that we can defend what is right and uphold our moral principles. We ask that you provide us the bravery to take the necessary steps to defend others, as well as ourselves, from those who would wish to harm us or our coworkers. May this day leave us all feeling more assured than ever of your goodness and care for us all. Amen, in the name of Jesus

Dear Lord,

I am so desperate that I had to write to you right now. It has been a nightmare of relentless harassment and abuse for the past two years that I have worked here. The other employees here are continually slandering me, fabricating stories about me, and attempting to undermine my efforts. Even further, they have attempted to sabotage my work.

The worst part is that when I try to talk to my boss about it, he just laughs it off and says that “everyone’s got enemies” or that “you should learn to deal with it.” But Sir, I cannot deal with this anymore! I am afraid they will take my job away from me or even worse cause me physical harm.

Please help me in this time of need, Lord! Please let me keep my job safe from these people who wish me ill will!

Dear God, please keep me safe at work.

Please keep my mind clear so I can focus on my work and not the distractions around me.

Please help me to see the good in all of my coworkers, even if they seem like they’re out to get me.

Help me not to give in to the temptation of gossiping or talking bad about someone else who works here.

Help me to be kind and respectful to everyone, including myself.

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