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Prayer for priests, St. John Vianney: St John Vianney, the patron saint of parish priests, intercedes for the Church today. Every year, the Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time is set aside in honor of this great priest. To grow in holiness and to share a deeper life with God, it is important for all of us to turn to our holy patrons and ask them to pray for us. St. John Vianney was born on May 8, 1786, in dardilly, France. As he grew up, he had a strong sense that he was called to be a priest. He entered the seminary at age 15 and was ordained just 4 years later on July 27, 1811.

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short prayer for priests

Prayer for Priests by St. John Vianney

Almighty and Eternal God, who has so loved the world that He gave His only Son to save it and sent Him to be our saviour, send down Thy Holy Spirit upon Thy priests, that they may be true ministers of Thy Word and of Thy Sacraments; and as Thou didst promise to bless the labors of Thy apostles, so may Thou grant to these also such grace and virtue as may fit them for the perfect discharge of their sacred ministry. via Christ, Our Lord. Amen

O my God, I adore thee and I love Thee with all my heart. I thank Thee for having created me to know Thee, to love Thee and to serve Thee in this world and the next.

I’m appreciative that You choose me to serve as a priest. May Thy grace be upon me at this very moment, that I might keep the vows and promises that Thou hast required of me; may Thy Holy Spirit dwell in my soul, that I might be a minister of Thy Word and Sacraments; may Thy providence be with me in all things, that it might enlighten my mind and guide my conduct, that through me Thou mightst draw many unto salvation.

I implore Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Mary, Who chose St. John Vianney as Thy instrument for the sanctification of priests, to visit me frequently during these days of retreat, enlighten me by his example, and strengthen me through his intercession, so that after having gained the treasure of prayer I may become more faithful to my duty as a priest and more deserving of Thy grace.


For priests, especially those who are suffering in their work

O Lord, you have chosen the priesthood as a means of salvation for all. Give your priests the strength to carry out their mission with fidelity, courage, and joy. Protect them from temptation and evil, and let them experience the joy of watching souls saved by their ministry. Give them perseverance in their difficult task, so that they may never fail in their zeal for souls. May they always be generous with themselves, ready to give up their own comfort for the needs of others, even when this requires much sacrifice. Grant that those who are about to be ordained may receive a special grace from heaven. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Oh my God! Help me to be a good priest.

Give me the grace to live in peace with my neighbor and to avoid all discord, envy and hatred.

Help me to be a friend of silence and meditation, so that I may go to your tabernacle each day with my soul full of love for you.

Give me the grace to bring people back from sin by my example and by pointing out the beauty of virtue.

Give me the grace to be kind to the poor, especially those who do not have work or are sick.

Help me to be courageous when facing temptation, so that I may stand firm in faith and resist all evil inclinations.

Help me to keep my heart pure and strong so that it may remain faithful to you until death comes for us both at once in Heaven’s kingdom!

O God, who have created the priest to be a living image of Thyself, grant that he may be filled with the spirit of holiness and integrity, so that he may be an example to others in his life and ministering. Grant also that he may have a humble heart and a generous spirit, so that he will not seek his own interests but those of the flock entrusted to him. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

O Lord, You have formed the priestly soul of Your servant John. You have called him to the service of Your Church and given him the grace of a special vocation.

Help him to persevere in his ministry; let no scruple disturb his peace and no human respect weaken his fidelity. Let not the waywardness and ingratitude of men discourage him; let no difficulty dismay him; let no temporal advantage seduce him from his duty.

Let the love which he bears to You inspire all his thoughts, animate all his words, strengthen all his actions, and make him labor for the salvation of souls with all his strength until he finally rests in Your glory.

O Holy Ghost, who didst descend upon the Apostles on Pentecost, and didst teach them to speak all languages, grant that this priest may receive the gift of tongues to preach the Gospel in an easy way to all nations. Make him eloquent in words, apt in discoursing upon the wonders of thy grace, so that he may draw many into the fold of Christ by his sermons; and grant that he may use the language of signs with equal readiness and success. And whereas thou didst work such wonders in the ministry of the holy Apostles, grant us also that this our Father may be enabled to write words which shall kindle hearts, and bring men back from the errors of their ways; so that thy name may be glorified through him. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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