Prayer For My Son Future

A prayer for my son’s future: A mother’s prayers are her secret weapons. They are the only things that can get through a loving boy’s defenses and cut his heart where it needs to be cut. You should pray for your son because the love of mom is all that he will hear when he turns his ear to you and will be the only one to reach his heart in desperate times. God created moms with a deep love for their sons and dads with a deep love for their daughters. This love has an everlasting influence on our children, affecting them throughout life.

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A Prayer for Your Child's Future - Your Daily Prayer - August 26 -  Devotional

catholic birthday prayer for my son

Dear Lord,

I pray for my son’s future. I pray that he finds a safe and fulfilling place to work, and that he is loved and supported in all of his endeavors. I pray that he never feels alone or abandoned, but rather that he feels like he can reach out for help when needed. Please guide him as he makes decisions about his career path, and let him know that you are always there for him. Thank you for all you have already given him, and thank you for continuing to watch over him as he grows older. Amen

Dear God,

I pray for my son’s future. I pray that he will be able to provide for himself and his family one day, and that he will have a long life. I pray that he will find happiness in whatever he chooses to do. I pray that he will be successful at it and make a positive impact on others’ lives.

I also pray for my son’s friends, family members, and loved ones who are suffering in any way. May they find the strength to continue on their path towards healing and happiness.

Please bless us all with peace and love, Amen

Dear God,

Please bless my son with a career that brings him joy and fulfillment. Let him find the right path for himself and his family, and let that path take him to a place where he can do some good in this world.

Help him to be confident and self-assured in all of his pursuits, so that he may continue to grow throughout his life. Please let him know that you will always be there to guide him when things get hard, and that even when he feels alone in this world, we are all connected by your love for us.

Finally, please help me to support my son as he grows into who he was meant to be. I pray for patience and wisdom as I watch my son grow into the man I know he can be today and tomorrow!

Dear God,

Please help my son to thrive and be successful in his future.

Thank you for blessing him with so many gifts: intelligence, good looks, athletic ability, and above all else, a kind heart.

Please help him to continue to use these gifts wisely and well. Help him to be humble about his accomplishments, and keep him from prideful thinking about all that he has accomplished so far.

Help him to not get caught up in the distractions of life—the temptations of the world—but instead to focus on what matters most: living a life of integrity and service to others.

And please help me as his mother to guide him along this path toward greatness.

Dear God,

I pray that my son will be a good man. I pray that he will respect others, and treat them as he would like to be treated. I pray that he will be kind and gentle, but strong enough to stand up for what’s right.

Please help him find his way in this world, and give him the strength to do what is best for others—and himself.

Please protect him from those who would do him harm, and guide his decisions so that he may become a man of character, who lives by example with integrity and honor.

And finally, Lord, please grant me wisdom as I raise this child of yours into the man he can become—a man who follows in your footsteps.

Dear God,

I pray that you grant my son the ability to pursue his dreams. I pray that you give him the courage to forge his own path and make his own mistakes, because without those mistakes he will never learn how to grow into a man. I pray that you protect him from making bad decisions, but also that you teach him how to make good ones. And finally, I pray that you guide him in his journey and help him find himself.


Dear Lord,

I come to you today to ask for your guidance in my son’s future. I know that this is a big decision, and I want to make sure it’s the right one. Please help me guide him to the path that is best for him, and give him the courage to follow it.

Thank you for hearing my prayer, and may God bless us all.

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