Prayer For My Depressed Son

Prayer for my depressed son; Depression is an ailment that affects millions of people in the United States and across the world. The impact on adults and children is devastating which leads many Christians to pray for depressed loved ones and their own depression. Saint Joseph is quoted as saying: “For God alone and His holy Angels can do all things,” meaning his power knows no limits or boundaries. You may ask youself how powerful is St.Joseph’s prayer to remove depression?Prayer is the best medicine for your depressed son, as it will supplicate to God and make a breakthrough in your situation.

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prayers for my son with mental illness

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  • Dear God,

    I come to you today with a heavy heart. My son has been depressed for some time now, and I have been doing my best to help him through it. I know that you have a plan for him and for me, and I am grateful for your guidance.

    I beg you to keep a careful eye on him and assist him in realizing what he needs to do to get over his sadness. Give him courage when he is fearful, strength when he is weak, and tranquility when he is restless. So that he might rediscover joy, let the light of your love shine through the darkness of his heart.

    Bless my son with your love today and every day until he is healed from this illness. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

    Dear God,

    I’m writing to you today to request your assistance. I am unsure of how to rescue my son from his dire situation. I have done everything I can to help him feel better because he has been depressed for a long time. Every night I have prayed for him, but nothing appears to be happening. The physicians claim that my kid has no physical problems and that he only needs treatment and medication, but he rejects both of these suggestions. Please assist me in figuring out how to get my kid the support he requires to regain his health and find serenity.

    Dear God,

    I’m writing to you because I’m feeling stressed out right now. I don’t know how to help my depressed son, who is my only child. He’s always been such a joyful kid, and he never seemed to have any difficulties. He now appears to be having difficulty with everything. He no longer attends school and instead prefers to stay inside our home with us rather than play outside with his pals. He claims he doesn’t want to interact with anyone, talk to anyone, or even be in their presence. He claims he just wants to be alone all the time, but I know that’s not the case because he never seems pleased when we’re together—rather, he seems sad, exhausted, and angry all at once.

    God, I’m at a loss on what to do now; I feel like I’ve tried everything, including sitting down for dinner with him every night like we used to do before things got so tense between us, asking him what’s upsetting him, and taking him out on trips. Null and void! He seems to solely be interested in viewing television programs about people who are experiencing despair. He seems to be trying to convince me that if we wait long enough, everything around us will fix itself.

    Dear God,

    I come to you with a heavy heart and a desperate prayer. My son has been suffering from depression for some time now, and I’m afraid we’ve reached the end of our rope. We’ve tried everything—medication, therapy, even just taking a break from school. Nothing seems to be helping.

    I ask that you give us the strength and wisdom to know what to do next. If you could show us some sort of path forward that might help him find his way out of this darkness, I would be grateful beyond measure. And if not… well… I can’t even imagine what will happen if he doesn’t get help soon.

    Please give us some clarity about what’s next for our family as well—what does the future hold? Will you let my son recover from this illness and become whole again? Or is there something else in store for our family? Whatever it is, we’ll accept your will with grace and thankfulness at whatever outcome you deem best for us all.

    Dear God,

    I am writing this prayer on behalf of my son. He has been feeling very depressed lately and I’m afraid he might do something drastic. Please help him to find the strength to get through this difficult time.

    I also ask that you guide me throughout this process, so that I can help him heal and be a better person in the end.

    In your name, amen

    Dear God, please give my son peace.

    These days, he is really depressed. He is no longer interested in whatever he formerly found enjoyable, and he is no longer motivated to do anything. He has stopped doing the activities he used to enjoy for fun and doesn’t want to go outside or chat to friends. His professors have observed that he is not participating as actively in class as he once did, and as a result, his grades are starting to suffer.

    He says that this has been going on for a while now—for months, maybe even years—but I did not notice it before now because I have been so busy with work and other things that I did not really pay attention to what was going on with him.

    Please help me make sure that my son gets the help he needs so that he can get back on track with his life before it’s too late!

    I ask the Lord to grant my son peace and joy in Him. I hope he is able to transform his rage into love. I hope he will be able to forget about those who wronged him. I hope he will be able to accept responsibility for his actions and realize that he has been pardoned by both God and me.

    I pray that my son will be able to find peace in his heart, and peace in his mind. I pray that he will find joy in the little things, even when life is hard. I pray for healing for all of us as a family, so we can all live together peacefully, with love and understanding for each other.

    I ask God’s blessing on my family today and always, amen!

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