prayer for ivf success

prayer for ivf success; Although Amber and Brendon weren’t actively trying to get pregnant, they also weren’t taking steps to prevent it. When the couple didn’t conceive after several years of marriage, they sought medical advice and discovered that they had male factor infertility. Brendon underwent surgery in an attempt to correct the problem, but there was no change. “We felt hopeless,” said Amber.

According to Amber, “We are strong Christians, so this was a journey paved in prayer.” At first, she was reluctant to seek out fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF), because she assumed that God could provide a baby without the assistance of reproductive medicine. However, when the couple still didn’t conceive, Amber asked for a sign of what she should do next.

For her 30th birthday, Amber’s mother gave her a pair of diamond earrings that were a gift from Amber’s father years before. The earrings had once been lost for a year, but her mother found them after praying unceasingly. Her mother said that the earrings proved that God answers prayers and she said that Amber should pray for a baby.

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prayer for ivf success

While wearing the earrings and praying for a baby, Amber lost one of the earrings. For a month, she searched but to no avail. After no success, she started to pray to find the missing earring and to have a baby.

During this time, Amber suddenly felt a sense of peace about pursuing fertility treatments. “The Lord can use doctors to accomplish His purpose,” she said. With this realization, she scheduled a consultation with Dara L. Havemann, M.D., at Dallas IVF. On the day of the consultation at our McKinney fertility center, Amber found the missing earring. She believes this was a sign from God that she was on the right path.

Dallas IVF made Amber feel comfortable about undergoing in vitro fertilization

When Amber and Brendon first met with Dr. Havemann at our McKinney fertility center, they felt confident in their decision. “Dr. Havemann was prepared and she reviewed all of our paperwork before the appointment. She wasn’t high pressure and she didn’t give a sales pitch.”

After talking to Dr. Havemann, the couple learned that she had built her own family with help from in vitro fertilization. “I really liked that she is an IVF mother,” Amber said. By the end of the consultation, “we felt comfortable and we decided to move forward with IUI.”

Amber began her fertility treatments, but after two rounds of intrauterine insemination, IUI, she still wasn’t pregnant. Feeling discouraged, she took comfort in the Lord’s word as well as the supportive team at Dallas IVF. “Everyone was so supportive and understanding. The entire staff walked with us through the whole thing.”

While reading the Bible on Christmas Eve, Amber came across a passage in Luke about the faithful prophetess, Anna. She took this as a sign that she needed to be patient and that she should name her future baby Anna.

At her next appointment, Amber said that she wanted to try IVF with intracytoplasmic sperm injection, ICSI. Dr. Havemann agreed that this was the logical next step for the couple.

Amber started taking fertility medications, while Dr. Havemann carefully monitored her. When it came time for egg retrieval, the procedure was a success. Dr. Havemann retrieved 20 healthy eggs from Amber’s ovaries. “I believe that I had such great success because Dr. Havemann monitored me closely and tweaked things when necessary.”

After her eggs were fertilized in the laboratory using ICSI, Dr. Havemann transferred two embryos to Amber’s uterus. One month later, Amber’s pregnancy test came back positive and the couple was thrilled. However, they were surprised to learn that their baby was a boy, rather than the girl that Amber thought God had promised.

Upon re-reading the verse that inspired Amber on Christmas Eve, she noticed something. The prophetess Anna came from the tribe of Asher. Asher is a name that has been used in Brendon’s family for generations and what the couple was planning to name their son. “God revealed my son’s name before I was even pregnant, and I didn’t even notice,” laughed Amber.

On Thanksgiving Day, Amber and Brendon welcomed their son Asher into the world. They believe that the date couldn’t be more appropriate.

Amber recommends Dr. Havemann and Dallas IVF to all fertility patients

When asked about Dr. Havemann, Amber had no shortage of good things to say. “Dr. Havemann was a gift. She was the perfect fit for us.” She also praised the team at our McKinney fertility center. “I don’t think I would have gotten the treatment that I did anywhere else. Everyone was intimate and understanding, but also professional. My treatment was so customized and I never felt like a number.”

As for her advice for other patients in her and Brendon’s situation, Amber had several words of wisdom. “You should trust your doctor and, if you don’t, it’s not the right fit.” Amber also stressed, “Through alternative methods you can still have a family. You just need to let go and submit yourself to the process.”

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