prayer for increase of faith

prayer for increase of faith: Psalm 50:10 describes God as owning the cattle on a thousand hills. In other words, God owns everything. So if we need something, all we need to do is ask. 

When we’re overwhelmed by the needs of people around us, we remember Jesus’ words in Matthew 9 and ask the Lord to send out workers into his harvest field. When we’re worried about money, we remember Jesus’ promise in Matthew 6 that if God clothes the grass, he will also take care of us. 

God will never run out or get run down. We can’t exhaust His generosity because generous is who He is. 

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prayer for increase of faith

  • Where have you seen God increase your life this year? Have you experienced growth relationally, spiritually, financially, or emotionally?  
  • How have you seen God fulfill a specific need?
  • Where have you seen God grow our church this year? What answered prayers can you celebrate and thank God for?
  • Before asking for increase in any area of life, examine you’re stewarding what you’ve already been given. Where have you been a good steward? Where does your stewardship need to be stretched?
  • Are you lacking contentment in any area of life? What’s driving it?
  • Is there any area of your life where you’re making your own increase? What would it look like for you to commit to trusting Him instead of trying to do things on your own?
  • What are the ministry needs on your campus? Ask God to send more group leaders, Sunday volunteers, and Fuse volunteers, so more people can connect to Jesus and each other. 
  • What are the financial needs at your campus? Ask God to provide for that need, no matter how big or small.
  1. I praise you father; you are the possessor of the heaven & the whole earth. The whole earth is yours & the fullness there off. All things were made by you and for your pleasure.
  2. I give you glory & honor. The heaven is your throne and the whole earth is your footstool
  3. I thank you for creating me with a mandate to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue and have dominion over all the earth.

Forgiveness & Cleansing
  1. I repent from every ancestral & personal sin, forgive me Lord and cleanse me completely from them in Jesus Name.
  2. I renounce every acquired & self-inflicted curse of stagnancy and limitation in Jesus Name.
  3. I break loose from every spirit of caged destiny in Jesus Name
  4. Every power forcing me to operate below my God given potential your time is up, loose your hold on me in Jesus Name
  5. I break power of cage, stagnation & limitation over my life in Jesus Name

  1. O Lord, position me in the center of your will and help me to do your pleasure totally in Jesus Name.
  2. Father usher me to posse territories for you in Jesus Name.
  3. Father let your hand be upon me for good from now in Jesus Name – (Pro 21:1) (1st Chronicles 4:9-10.)
  4. O Lord, open my eyes to opportunities for my enlargement and order my steps to maximize them in Jesus Name.
  5. Father, I refused to be the best of worst, make me best of the best in Jesus Name.
  6. Thou Spirit of High favor come upon me mightily in Jesus Name
  7. Father I rededicate myself to global evangelism, use me as a vessel unto honor in this regards in Jesus Name.
  8. Thanking you father for commanding divine enlargement to locate me from now on in Jesus Name.

Personal Special Focus

Tell the Lord you are trusting Him for miracles on all your special personal requests and cry unto Him to turn all of them to great testimonies for you.

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