Prayer For Hope In Difficult Times

When we need to fight against the most powerful of forces in the universe, it is important that we have hope. As long as there’s always hope and you keep holding on, even when you think your world is falling apart, you will never truly fail. When everything becomes dark, pray for hope for a better tomorrow.

The bible is full of examples of trials and hardship. In the Bible, we learn how to deal with our own difficult situations by reading about how others faced similar troubles in their lives and how they dealt with them. We are able to see God’s guidance in every situation, providing comfort and guidance for problem solving.

This prayer was inspired by the difficult situation in Iraq. Since its conception some people have found it helps them feel hope that even in our darkest situations, God’s love finds a way to light the way to freedom, hope and opportunity. It is my prayer that it encourages many to stay the course through dark days when it may feel like we are on our own.

Hope is one of the unfailing characteristics of a believer. How do we maintain hope in difficult times? In order to conquer trials, we must maintain hope and seek the Lord in prayer. Prayer for hope means addressing God through communication, worship, and supplication.

Prayer For Hope In Difficult Times

There are many despairing times in my life when I have sought the help of God.

I have asked God for help in my marriage, life, and workplace.

Each time, he answers my prayers, and I know he will answer yours today.

If you have lost faith in him, just know that he hasn’t lost faith in you.

Our God is faithful and will never forsake the righteous.

If you are discouraged and unhappy, I have put together this prayer for hope to strengthen you.

May God come to your aid and return joy, happiness, and optimism to your heart. Amen.

Prayer For Hope In Difficult Times

A Prayer for Hard Times
Lord God, You knew that this life would be difficult for us. If we are to follow You, we must pick up our cross and carry it. Nobody is a friend to the person carrying the cross. It will often be a lonely road. There will be numerous tribulations and difficult times. Though we do not know the whole story, we know that it ends with Your victory. May You help us always to rejoice in this, and take comfort in knowing that You have the final word. Amen.

A Prayer for Strength in Hard Times
Lord Jesus, fear has come over me and paralyzed me. These are hard times. Although I know Your voice, I lack the strength to do what needs to be done. I do not want to succumb to fear. I am scared to approach You. Oh God of mercy, remove all fear and doubt. Uphold me and restore me to full strength, so that You can use me to advance the cause of Your kingdom, through Christ, our Savior. Amen.

A Prayer for Strong Faith in Hard Times
Lord Jesus, the Gospels teach us that faith has infinite power. Even the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains and bring the dead back to life. In hard times we see the brokenness of the world. Our faith is often tested and it can become difficult to believe. Lord, I ask that You strengthen my faith. Purge all doubt from my heart, and open my eyes of faith to find my way out of these dark times. Amen

A Prayer for Courage in Hard Times
God Almighty, courage is a virtue that I am ashamed to say a sorely lack. So often I know the right thing to do, yet out of my cowardice and faithlessness, it goes left undone. Father, forgive me for this sin of unbelief. Give me courage in these difficult times, that I may be an ambassador for You and my Lord Jesus. Mercifully hear my prayer. Amen.

A Prayer to Weather Hard Financial Times
Most High God, the economy can instill the greatest fears. Money is tight everywhere now. Prices are climbing, and job security is not. I am scared that I will not be financially stable. Lord, You teach us that we cannot serve both God and money. Remove this idol from my life. Utterly destroy it. Let me rely on You alone so that I will endure these financial hardships with grace and humility. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

A Prayer for Difficult Financial Decisions
Lord Jesus, I am faced with a very difficult dilemma. I have to make a tough financial decision, and it could have dire consequences if I choose wrongly. Give me the wisdom I need to make sound decisions. Help me to invoke Godly principles according to Your word that Your servant may be well-equipped for every good work under the heavens. Through Christ, Your only begotten Son, my Lord. Amen.

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