Prayer For Healing Archangel Raphael

Prayer For Healing Archangel Raphael: prayer for healing archangel raphael: Prayer to Archangel Raphael for healing.Archangel Raphael is known as The Angel of Healing, Creativity and Love. According to faith he is the angel of personal healing, curing illness and protecting travelers. Archangel Raphael Prayer for Healing: A website dedicated to angelic support and prayer for healing. Discuss the advantages of receiving salvation and a good relationship with God via trusting in Jesus Christ.

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archangel raphael prayer

archangel healing prayer.

You are a healer of the mind, body, and spirit, Archangel Raphael. You are renowned for your capacity to relieve people of their misery and agony.

Give me your prayers today.

I ask that my health be returned to where it belongs.

I pray for the purification of my ideas and emotions.

I desire to be rid of all negativity that prevents me from accomplishing my objectives.

I pray to you for healing.

Please guide me in my search for a healing modality that will help me.

Help me to find the right doctor, therapist, or healer who can help me.

Please show me the way to heal.

Dear Archangel Raphael,

Please give ear to my plea. Today, I approach you with a sorrowful heart. I want to use this opportunity to apologize for my recent struggles and ask for your assistance in giving me the willpower to heal both my spirit and body. Please assist me in finding inner peace so that I can accept responsibility for my actions and move on with my life. Please guide me in how to allow your healing light to enter and open me up to healing, even though I realize this is a challenging request.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, who has given us all the power of healing through his death on the cross. Amen

Dear Archangel Raphael,

Please cure my cancer.

I know that this is a difficult request to make, but I trust that you can help me.

Please send me your healing energy and let it flow through my body. Let it break down all of the tumors in my body and let them disappear forever.

Angel of Healing, Raphael, I ask for your presence.

I ask that you fill me with your light and energy.

I ask that you heal my body, mind and spirit.

I ask that you guide me in the right direction on this journey.

Dear Archangel Raphael,

I come to you today in prayer for healing.

I know that you are the angel of healing and have the ability to help me with whatever problem I may be facing regarding my health. Please hear my plea for help, and guide me in the direction of what I need to do next.

Thank you, Archangel Raphael.

Dear Archangel Raphael,

Please heal me. I am in pain and suffering from a condition that my doctors are unable to diagnose or treat. I am desperate for relief from the constant pain, and I need your help. Please send your healing energy to my body, so that it can repair itself and become healthy again.

Dear Archangel Raphael,

We come to you today to ask that you bless us with healing and wholeness. We are in need of your special gifts and talents. We ask for your guidance and support as we navigate the challenges of life. Please help us find the strength within ourselves to overcome our obstacles, and to face each day with courage and hope for what is to come.

Thank you for being with us in this time of need.

Archangel Raphael,

I’m grateful for your calming presence. Please assist me in my recovery process by giving me access to your divine strength and knowledge to guide me. In order for me to be able to live in peace with all of creation and continue to repair myself during this process, I ask that you heal my mind, body, and soul. Bless you!

Dear Archangel Raphael,

Please help me heal from [insert illness or pain].

I ask that you send your healing energy to me, and to all those who need it.

Use it to restore my health and vitality, and to relieve me from my pain.

May you bless me with a rapid recovery and an end to my suffering.


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