Prayer For Healing Anxiety

Prayer for healing anxiety: Prayer has long been seen to be a potent healer. Do you agree with this? I do. Anxiety, fear, and melancholy are just a few of the things that can be addressed through prayer. At the same time, we have access to many of God’s priceless promises, and by using them, we can go past all of the issues described.

How to make a prayer of faith when you are feeling anxious? In our fast-paced world and all the hectic schedules we follow, anxiety is something that has become a part of most of our lives. It is often a sign of dysfunction within ourselves that causes us to feel unsatisfied, quit before we accomplish our goals and also at losing interest in what were once our favorite activities. At such times, we are left with feelings of fear an uneasiness. We become irritable and find it hard to concentrate on anything or anyone.

How can one pray for healing anxiety? There are no promises or guarantees, but when you come before the Lord (God) with a sincere and repentant heart, He will answer. Jesus Christ is called the Great Physician. When we believe in Him and place our trust in Him as physician and healer, He will heal us of all disease (Mt. 9:12). The Bible shows us that many different people received healing because they came before God. Jesus is the only true Healer (Jn. 9:11). Prayer is your key to finding God-given answers to your problem.

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short prayer for anxiety.

Dear God,

We seek for protection and recovery. Please protect our minds, bodies, and souls from harm. We implore your help in protecting us from the evil forces that exist on this world. We implore you to give us a sense of safety in your presence so that we may rest well at night. We beg your defense against those who would do us damage and against any bodily injury that might befall us. Both when we are driving and when we are awake at night, shield us. Send angels to watch over us at all times so we can go through this world without fear or regret.

In Christ’s name I pray, Amen

Dear God,

Please heal me. Please protect me and my loved ones from harm. Please guide me and help me find my way.


Dear God,

I approach you with great sadness. I’m hurting and terrified, and I have no idea what to do.

Please give me the courage I need to go through this period of my life. Please give me the strength to meet each difficulty as it arises and the assurance that you are there by my side to support me when I falter.

Keep me safe from injury, illness, and wickedness. Help me to recognize your love and grace as the light that shines through the darkness.

Give me hope that someday, all will be over and I’ll be able to recover from everything that’s happened to me. Give me courage to continue on my life’s journey till then.

We pray to you tonight, oh God, asking that you keep us safe from illness and disease. We ask that you grant us courage to continue even when our bodies are frail. In order to continue contributing to our community and taking care of ourselves, we humbly ask for your wisdom and direction. We are grateful for today and all future days. Amen

Dear God, we come to you today to pray for healing and protection.

We are seeking your guidance in our lives and we want you to help us find the way forward.

Dear God,

Please grant my request for healing and protection.

Heal my body and soul, and protect me from all harm.

I ask this in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen

Dear God,

We come before you today to ask for the healing of [name] and the protection of [name]. We ask that you watch over them and keep them safe from harm. We know that you have so much more to offer than we can imagine, but we humbly ask that you consider this request as a small part of your great plan.

In your name, Jesus Christ. Amen

God, we pray for protection and healing for our loved one.

We thank you for the life you have given us, and we ask that you continue to watch over us as we travel through this world.

We ask that you give us the strength to carry on with hope and faith in your love and mercy.

Give us the courage to face whatever comes our way, knowing that you are with us.

Dear Lord, we come to you today in prayer. We ask that you heal our community of the sickness that has taken hold of it. We pray for protection from all those who would seek to harm us, and that we may continue to live in peace and safety. Amen

  • prayer for healing and peace
  • Dear God, we pray for healing and peace.

    We ask for your guidance, that you would help us to heal our bodies and minds, and bring peace to our hearts.

    We pray for all those who have been hurt in any way by the recent events, that they may find comfort in your loving embrace.

    We ask that you give us strength to meet this challenge with faith, courage and hope.

    Dear Lord,

    We ask for healing for our friend [name]. She is a good person and deserves to be well again. Please help her recover from her illness. We also ask for peace in the world, so that no one has to go through what she is experiencing. We pray that you will bring peace to all those who suffer from illness or pain, so that they may find solace in your love and support.


    Dear God,

    We turn to you today for comfort and healing. Even while we are aware of the misery and pain in this world, we are also aware that you are always there for us. We ask that you grant us solace and tranquility in this trying time. We are grateful for all the ways you have blessed us. Please continue to lead us as we navigate life. Amen!

    Dear Lord,

    We offer prayers for the surviving loved ones of those who perished or were injured in this horrific incident. We offer prayers for everyone affected by this disaster who have lost their homes, employment, or other valuable possessions. Please help them to navigate this challenging period of their lives so that they can regain their inner peace. Let them know that you are on their side throughout this trying moment in their lives.

    In Jesus name we pray, Amen

    Dear God,

    In this moment of need, I turn to you. For as long as I’ve been struggling, I haven’t been able to get the relief I require. Please assist me in seeing that there is hope for me even though it sometimes seems otherwise. Help me to see that, despite the fact that my life may appear challenging and unpleasant, a better future is still in store for me—I just need to be willing to put in the effort to pursue it. Please assist me in letting go of the past so that I can advance into a better future. I appreciate that you heard my prayer today. Amen

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