Prayer For Healing And Protection For My Family

prayer for healing and protection for my family: Prayer is a way of communicating with God. It can be done in community or alone. Evidence exists to suggest that those who are suffering from illness often experience benefits through prayer, and when aided by the prayers of others1,2. Prayer is more than just an act of hope and faith; it is an active communication with God. Through prayer we can address life’s challenges and express our deepest desires, knowing that God has already met them.

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Christian Prayer for Healing

praying for protection, healing, strength, and guidance

Dear God,

We ask for safety and healing. Please keep our bodies, brains, and souls safe from any damage. We beg your assistance in shielding us from the dark powers that exist in this planet. We beg you to make us feel secure in your presence so that we can sleep peacefully at night. We ask for your protection against those who would do us harm, and from any harm that may come to us physically. Protect us while we are on the road and at night when we are awake. Send angels to guard our every move so we can navigate this world without fear or remorse.

In Christ’s name I pray, Amen

Dear God,

Please heal me. Please protect me and my loved ones from harm. Please guide me and help me find my way.


Dear God,

I approach you with great sadness. I’m hurting and terrified, and I have no idea what to do.

Please give me the courage I need to go through this period of my life. Please give me the strength to meet each difficulty as it arises and the assurance that you are there by my side to support me when I falter.

Keep me safe from injury, illness, and wickedness. Help me to recognize your love and grace as the light that shines through the darkness.

Give me hope that someday, all will be over and I’ll be able to recover from everything that’s happened to me. Give me courage to continue on my life’s journey till then.

Dear God, we come to you tonight in hopes that you will protect us from disease and illness. We pray that you will give us strength to carry on even when our bodies are weak. We ask for your guidance and wisdom as we take care of ourselves, so that we may continue to be productive members of our community. We thank you for this day, and all the days to come. Amen

Dear God, we come to you today to pray for healing and protection.

We are seeking your guidance in our lives and we want you to help us find the way forward.

Dear God,

Please grant my request for healing and protection.

Heal my body and soul, and protect me from all harm.

I ask this in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen

Dear God,

We come before you today to ask for the healing of [name] and the protection of [name]. We ask that you watch over them and keep them safe from harm. We know that you have so much more to offer than we can imagine, but we humbly ask that you consider this request as a small part of your great plan.

In your name, Jesus Christ. Amen

We ask God to keep our loved one safe and to grant them recovery.

We express our gratitude to you for giving us life and ask that you continue to keep an eye on us as we move through this world.

We beg you to grant us the stamina to press on in the confidence of your love and kindness.

Ensure that we have the fortitude to confront any challenges because we know that you are with us.

We pray to you today, oh dear Lord. We pray that you will cure the illness that has afflicted our town. We ask for protection from everyone attempting to harm us as well as continued peace and safety in our daily lives. Amen

Dear God, we pray for healing and peace.

We ask for your guidance, that you would help us to heal our bodies and minds, and bring peace to our hearts.

We pray for all those who have been hurt in any way by the recent events, that they may find comfort in your loving embrace.

We ask that you give us strength to meet this challenge with faith, courage and hope.

Dear Lord,

We ask for healing for our friend [name]. She is a good person and deserves to be well again. Please help her recover from her illness. We also ask for peace in the world, so that no one has to go through what she is experiencing. We pray that you will bring peace to all those who suffer from illness or pain, so that they may find solace in your love and support.


Dear God,

We come to you today for healing and peace. We know that this world is full of pain and suffering, but we also know that you are always with us—even in our darkest moments. We pray that you will bring us comfort and peace in this time of need. Thank you for all the ways you have blessed us, and please continue to guide us on our journey through life. Amen!

Dear Lord,

We come before you today in need of healing and peace. We know how much you love us and we ask that you bless us with your touch. We are hurting inside, but we know that you can heal our pain and make it disappear. Please help us to find the strength to go on each day without letting our troubles weigh us down.

We pray for the families of those who have been killed or injured in this terrible attack. We pray for the people who have lost their homes, jobs, or other important things in the aftermath of this tragedy. Please guide them as they go through this difficult time in their lives so that they may find peace within themselves once again. Let them know that you are there with them every step of way during this difficult time in their lives.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen

Dear God,

I come to you today in a time of need. I have been hurting for so long and I just can’t find the peace I need. Please help me to see that there is hope for me, even when it feels like there isn’t. Help me to see that even though my life may seem hard and painful, there is still a better future waiting for me if only I will be willing to work towards it. Help me to let go of the past, and allow myself to move forward into a brighter future. Thank you for hearing my prayer today, Amen

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